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Can't love without trust.

January 11, 2012
By StoryTellingElf SILVER, Sarasota, Florida
StoryTellingElf SILVER, Sarasota, Florida
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I love the way you stay the same, for anyone. You don't change for a girl to like you, to talk to you. Trust me, it really isn't hard to notice you. Your deep black hair, a worm hole. It sucks me in, and I release my grasp of this dreadful place, and into warm comfort. The pools of your bright, yet dark and mysterious, green eyes leave me gaping, gasping for more. I strain myself not to run to you as I write, all for the sad circumstances that took place what feels like yesterday.


"Mason! Why are you ignoring me?" You never answered, slammed your locker, and rushed to class. It wasn't like you.

"Lil, what's your problem?" Penelope, my best friend, did not seem in the best mood.


"Don't play dumb with me! You can't cheat on your dream guy! It was in our guidelines!!!"

"Who? Mason?"

"Yes. Lily, I know your usually mental, but why are you so ignorant?"

"I didn't cheat on Mason! Who could beat Mason, for Pete's sake?!"

"You don't know?" I glared at Pen, for the very ignorant question.

She got out her phone, and showed me texts. From John.

John: Hey
Pen: Uh, hi?
John: So, I was hangin with your friend. Uh, Lily. Cute, isn't she?
Pen: She's taken.
John: Really? R u sure? Our kiss told me otherwise.
Pen: Yeah, right. I don't believe you.
John: I knew you wouldn't.

The next text was a picture. It did look like me, snuggled in John's arms, a sly smile across his face.

Pen: When?
John: Last night.

"Oh. My. God. I wasn't home last night. I was at the hospital with my brother."


"Cross my heart hope to die. I need to talk to John. See ya at lunch."

I ran to Ms. Bush's class, grabbed John's arm, and pulled him into the now empty hall.

"B****, what's your problem?!"

"Oh, for once you want to be in class? Wonder why!"

"What, back for more?" I threw him back into a row of lockers, sending a few kids running to class. John may be twice my size, but today, it's just not my day.

"You had to, didn't you?! Were you jealous!? Well, let me tell you, breaking me up with Mason does not make me like you any more than I already do!!" I was screaming, and late for class.

"How much was that?" He fingered through my hair, moving me up against a locker, trapped, his face going for my neck. Yeah. Wrong answer. I was tearing up, praying for a teacher, administrator, anyone to get me out of this hell.

And Mason turns the corner.

Part 2?

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