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If I was dead: chapter one

November 6, 2011
By Kat4ever333 GOLD, Orange, California
Kat4ever333 GOLD, Orange, California
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Chapter one

“Stella!” Emma hissed as we walked deeper into the silent cemetery. Well it was silent until we got there. “This place is creepy and I don’t like it,”
“Shhh… Emma you’re ruining it!” I whispered back enjoying the thought of her being freaked out by a few rotting headstones. Emma was stubborn, she won’t do anything she doesn’t want to and has never lost an argument, which is why she is sitting proudly as the captain of the debate team, shocker. I was surprised she agreed to come out here with me but I’m sure that she is regretting it.
“Sorry but it kind of freaks me out! I’m leaving!” she huffs stomping her foot on the moist soil. She instantly squeals realizing she just stomped her size eight shoe on some (hopefully) dead person’s grave. I snickered. “This isn’t exactly funny!”
“It kind of was but ok leave if you want to, I’m staying here,” I turned to keep walking. Emma was stuck. She didn’t want to go any further but she also didn’t want to walk all the way back by herself so she sighed and kept walking. I was glad because as much as I loved the cemetery, it was different at night and even though Emma was scared it was nice to have her there as company.
“Why are we out here Stella?” She asked stopping so I could explain. “I know you miss Jason but he’s gone and coming to his grave everyday and in the middle of the night is borderline creepy,” she said softly not wanting to hurt my feelings. Jason was my boyfriend of five years who died last summer.
“I know Emma,” I bit my lip. Maybe I should tell her why I’m here. But I decide against it, maybe I will tell her but not now, especially not here. “This isn’t about Jason…”
“Then what is it?” she shivered looking at something past me. I turn to see what she is looking at but its pitch black. “Stella, I’m freezing if it’s not about Jason than what is it? Or who is it?” she says looking back at me for an answer.
“It’s nothing Emma…” I start.
“Bull Stella! This isn’t like you, wandering around cemeteries in the middle of the night to go hang out with random dead people! What is up?” she looked annoyed and even a little hurt. “I know your still hurting over Jason but you have to suck it up and face that he will NEVER come back….ever” she knew she was being tough but she felt the need to help me get my life in check after the accident.
“You don’t know me Emma,” I shook my head slightly. She was my best friend of course she knew me, but lately I’m not sure I even know myself.
“Wow… Do not start on me with this crap! I have known you since kindergarten if anyone knows you it’s me!” she yells looking really pissed.
“No you don’t because if you did… You would-“I stopped, “Emma are you crying?” her eyes were wide and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.
“No, I thought you were,” she said in a low whisper. There, from the darkness of Fairhaven Memorial Park, came a soft cry. We both froze.
“Emma please, if you’re trying to-“I start.
“Stella I swear that is not me!” she starts to back up eyes wide with fear and her skin pales. “Jason….?”

The author's comments:
fairhaven memorial park is a cemetary where i live. it is beautiful but everything else is fake.

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