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If I was dead: chapter two

December 2, 2011
By Kat4ever333 GOLD, Orange, California
Kat4ever333 GOLD, Orange, California
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Chapter two

“What?” I turn to see what she was looking at but see nothing. “Emma, what the hell!” I yell at her. She should know better because that was really low.
“No, Stella I swear he was there RIGHT behind-“she stopped again, “Stella your neck!” she points at my neck with a shaky finger. She looked like she was going to burst into tears.
“Emma there is nothing-“then I felt it. The cool silver chain threaded through my fingers. I traced it down my neckline to the small heart shaped locket. Fear pumped through my veins, sending chills down my body.
My mind flashes back to the day of his funeral, we were all gathered around his black casket. Some of his friends from the football team put his jersey in there and his captain band, the looked at me and smiled sadly. I waited till they left to walk up and lay a single red rose and the locket that he gave me four years previous for Valentines Day. The locket was small and had my name engraved in it. When you opened it up there was a picture of us kissing on the beach and a picture of him in his football uniform. At the time I thought it was the sweetest thing, now I’m not so sure.
“Stella!” Emma is now screaming. Tears streamed her face if she didn’t shut up someone was going to call the police.
“Shut up Emma!” I said a little too harshly. She nodded and whimpered getting the point.
“He was here Stella I know what I saw,” she said daring me to question her, but I knew better.
“I know Emma,” at first she was a little taken back that I didn’t argue but then she just nodded. “I think we should go…”
“Ya,” she said. We walked back in silence. There was nothing left to say. We both know what we saw and the evidence was lying across my chest in the form of a piece of jewelry. I wanted to say something to confirm what we saw but I couldn’t find the words, it was just too fresh in our minds to comprehend anything, so I let it be.
When we got back to her house we relaxed (as much as we could) and watched a funny Adam Sandler movie, something about a guy who falls for a girl who has short term memory loss. Nothing was said about Jason but I had the feeling it was just the beginning of our problems.
We were exhausted so we ended up sleeping on the couch. Throughout the night I would wake up from terrible nightmares about things that lurked in the darkness. I was careful not to scare Emma but the dreams seemed so real and a couple of times I thought I could hear his voice, Jason’s voice.
He would call out to me, telling me to come back to him. That we could still be together, but I just kept running until I would wake up breathing hard and sweat beading at my forehead. Still dazed I would check to see if Emma was awake to but she wasn’t. In fact she looked dead, half on the couch half off with her head bent back in a very uncomfortable looking position. But that’s Emma, sleeps wherever she falls and doesn’t wake up for crap.
It was five in the morning which means Emma’s parents have already left for work. I walk into the kitchen and thank god there is left over coffee. The house was dark and cold so I hurried back to turn on the light and grab a blanket. Emma’s rich so their house is more like resort. Even the coffee maker probably costs more than my car.
“Stella?!” Emma calls from the living room.
“I’m in the kitchen Em!” I yell back to her. I stare out the huge window over looking their backyard which is big enough to be a national park. I’m careful not to look over to the graveyard which is just right of her house.
“Oh yum coffee,” she sighs looking a bit frazzled.
“What happened to you,” I laugh. Half of her auburn hair is sticking up and the other is plastered to her face and her black mascara covers her entire eye and cheek.
“What do you mean?” her eyes widen in horror, I giggle.
“You look like hell,” I point at the bathroom that’s right off the kitchen.
“OH GOD!” she practically screams as she looks in the mirror. I continue to stare out the window. After a few minutes I give up and steal a glimpse at the graveyard. The coffee cup shatters as it hits the marble floors. I want to scream and run in the opposite direction but I’m frozen staring back at my boyfriend, my very much dead boyfriend.

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here is the second chapter how you enjoy the third will be out soon please comment!

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