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November 1, 2011
By LegendaryLuna BRONZE, Metamora, Michigan
LegendaryLuna BRONZE, Metamora, Michigan
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"They say to walk in the footsteps of others, but if you do that, where are the ones you create?" ~Layna

Where am I? What is this white object falling from the sky?
I put my hand out to catch the white flakes falling from heaven. They are cold and dissolve into liquid upon my palm. I look around but all I see is the white blanketing the forest, which I am left alone wondering in. I touch the white on the ground with my hand, for it seems to grow taller and taller by the minute. I throw it in the air and laugh with joy as the flakes flutter down on me and stay on my eyelashes.

“What is this feeling?” I ask myself as I am filled with a tingling sensation. A chilled wind blows and I hear a voice. “Happiness…” the voice says in a mellifluous tone. I stay aphonic for I wish to hear the voice again. “Where are you?” I question the emptiness. Suddenly the wind blows my hair to the right, which makes my head, turn in that direction as well. I then see a path of grass with no snow blanket at all. “Follow…” the wind, tells me, so I do. The grass is soft as it brushes against my ankle. As I walk down the luscious path, I come to a castle, which has gothic architecture. I hesitate to follow any longer but yet, I still do. The castle is built of stone, and is firm and frigid at the touch. I see a grand staircase and walk towards it and from the top are opened doors where light and snow are blowing in.

“Hello?” I say as I walk up the stairway. As I approach the top, I see a man dressed in a tuxedo staring out at the white forest. I become scared and step back a little. “I will do no harm to you,” he says in a smooth and alluring tone. As he turns around our eyes meet. “Would you care to dance?” he asks as he extends a hand toward me. Emphatically, I take his hand and we begin to sway as one. As our eyes stay bonded, his black hair blows in the wind with my brown hair. His ice blue eyes enchant me, for they make me want to know more. The wind blows as we continue to dance slowly to nature’s music. I smell the earth beginning to come alive as our bodies dance together as one. I feel in harmony with this stranger but who is he? I don’t question this moment in time for I can feel our hearts beat as one. “Do you remember me?” the man asks. I reply sadly, “no,” and look away.

We stop our dance and he lifts my chin up in which I am struck in awe. He leans closer to me and I smell his cologne. My eyes become soft and I am drawn to him. Why can’t I remember this man? He seems so close yet so far. He then says, “Maybe this will remind you…” he ends as he kisses my lips. The taste of love and warmth of comfort I get from him, and suddenly I remember...That he is my lover. I cry tears of joy that I remember him and hold onto him, not letting go for time itself seems like it has stopped. As we embrace each other remembering our love, I smile for I know that he does love me. And in the wind the voice’s last words are, “Welcome Home…”

The author's comments:
My ex boyfriend who I miss and care for about still

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