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July 15, 2011
By Sincerly,Jasmine SILVER, Villa Park, Illinois
Sincerly,Jasmine SILVER, Villa Park, Illinois
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"You fascinate Miss Clarice." His voice echoed in the small room of Clarice's one bedroom apartment. He shifted his weight in the small love seat. Clarice gave him a doubtful glare and leaned forward in her chair, she came face to face with him. She fascinated she thought to herself, she couldn't get over those deep brown eyes that held her attention even if she wanted to ignore her pursuer. Now as she was close enough to feel his breath down her neck she gave him the best poker face.
"Yeah? I fascinate you, that's strange because i think that's what you told all your prey" her cunning lip snarled and bit her bottom lip. Then without any notice his long beautiful hands encased hers and leaned forward to lightly brush Clarice s pouty painted pink lips. His touch was electrifying, every bone in her bone body began to ache for his lips on hers and now she was living her dream the one that kept her up well passed 3 in the morning. Her eyes closed as he lightly planted the most tantalizing kiss she had ever revived. He pulled back but her eyes still closed in ecstasy. He smiled that gorgeous smile and leaned back in his chair. Clarice Jones was one hard son of a b****, she had a hard attitude and sexy smile. Her eyes chocolate brown with an explosion of red near the pupil. Her hair was jet black and had a natural body to it that made him want to run his finger straight through her gorgeous locks, her cheekbones high and definite and her smile . She wore makeup, he didn't like that, she was naturally beautiful he knew she was but for some reason she hid. Behind her good looks was a scared hurt girl, and that's what he loved about her. He wanted to save her, he could be her rescuer and honestly, maybe she could rescue him in return. He wanted to love her in every way possible. He knew it since he saw her sashay her way thru Starbucks with her cold coffee, he remembered she was wearing a red blouse with a high wasted skirt and stomach belt. The red made her look lush and delicious. He was used to being with women that were paper thin. but no not miss Clarice she had curves in all the right places an amazing a** and what he guessed was 36 C breast size. Everything about her screamed f*** me and that was what he fully intended to do, and more.But she was stubborn and unruly but Jason Gerald never turned down a good challenge especially when it comes to women with such erotic features as she.

Her eyes slowly opened and her breath caught in throat as she realized what just happened. He pressed a finger to lips and slowly met his gaze.
"I didn't mean to..." her voice trailed off as he gave her a sexy smirk.
"You enjoyed every moment it. You enjoyed my lips pressed against yours. My hands caressing you palm. My soft lips on yours... it doesn't just have to be there you know, we could take this into a bedroom." He watched as she snapped her legs closed, a pink blush scattered against the bridge of her nose and her soft cheeks. " You want it, don't deny it baby." She quickly rose, her high heels paving the way to her door as she abruptly opened it."I think you should leave Mr. Gerald, leave your number with my assistant and she will give the number to Mrs. Miko and you'll be set from there." She gestured towards the door and leaned against the wall. Slowly Jason made his way to her, he pinned her arms above her and gave her hard sensual kiss, his arms moved down slowly to her a**. He grabbed a handful and lightly squeezed. "This is mine, whether you want to admit it or not. You are mine Miss Jones." With that he made his way out. "Oh by the way F*** Miko your my realtor get used to it." He winked and turned making his way to the elevator. Clarice shut the door and closed her eyes as she leaned against it. What was happening?

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