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The Great Battle

June 20, 2011
By jojoishappy BRONZE, Perris, California
jojoishappy BRONZE, Perris, California
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take me the way i am; u cnt find love its vice versa love will find u; i only want what i cnt hav; dnt judge me bcuz u dnt no me or wat ive been thro so b4 u go pointing the figure make sure ur hands r clean

Once there lived a young beautiful princess, her name was Mia. Mia lived in a small country, called Bloomington, this country was very small unlike most countries they only have a small land. So theirs only one ruler which are the king and queen, whom had children: two girls, and one boy. Mia didn’t like the future planed for her by her parents, Mia had an arranged marriage with a prince from a family that were allies with Mia’s family; his name was Charles. The life Mia’s family had in mind wasn’t what she had in mind! The proper young, beautiful, elegant, lady that was thought to be raised had a secret; she didn’t want to spend life with somebody whom she didn’t love. Mia would leave the castle grounds and leave in disguise to make friends with proletariat that lived in the village just down the road. Mia would change her name to May, and she only came in the village during night. She had a different group of friends that lived in the village, her most trusted friend was a young man whom went by the name of William. Of course William didn’t know about the secret May hind, but never the less he fell in love with her!

May sunk out of the castle one nice calm summer evening. As she walked in the village, May walked to William’s door. William was a young man whom met May when she first came into the village, he helps his family he’s the man of the house with out his father being around; The only time he had to himself was at night. She knocked three times on the door, her plan was to walk in the village. He answered the door,
“Hi May.” William was shocked to see May at the door.
“Hi William!” She in excitement.
“What’s going on?” He asked.
“I want to tell you something!” May said eagerly.
“Well… Miss let’s walk and talk about it.” William said with his small Charm. As the two walked together, the village was preparing for the festive that was going on the next night. The music playing from the small stores in the village, the peace of everything was perfect for William.
“What was it that you need to tell me May?” William looked May with deep eyes.
“Well it’s a secret, but you have to promise you can’t tell anyone!” May pleaded.
“Of course I won’t tell anyone, but I have to tell you first!”
“Ok William what is it?” May looked scared.
“Well… I’m in love with you May.” William blushed.
“Wow. I don’t know what to say.” She blushed, the small nervousness she had turned in to butterflies in her stomach.
“Well what’s your big secret May.”
“Well… My name isn’t May it’s Mia, I’m really a princess.” William look confused once these words came from May’s lips.
“Really!? You’re just a normal girl.” William argued, he couldn’t accept the fact that the girl whom he deemed his love to, was a princess.
“No, I’m sorry… It’s complicated just…I have to go!” Mia ran, with tears in her eyes. The morning dawned with the birds singing and the sun was rising. Mia woke up feeling terrible about what she told William, Mia felt as if she made a mistake to tell anybody. As she got ready for her big afternoon in the court yard, just hanging tea. Mia wasn’t to excited to have tea with her family and her arranged husband.

By the time ten o’clock came around she had already sunk out of the castle, her plan was to go see William and try to explain everything. Mia’s mother walked into her room, only to find no Mia anywhere. Mia’s mother looked everywhere in the room, she was in a panic. The mother pulled herself together and thought Mia could already be in the courtyard. Mia had walked through the village looking for William, she walked everywhere, but there was no William. As she walked in gloom, William found her and ran up to her himself.
“May! I’ve been looking for you everywhere.” William said with delight.
“I was doing the same! What’s wrong my bug?” May said as she hugged William.
“Well I’ve realized that I’m okay with being a princess.” He whispered.
“Really!?” May was shocked.
“Yeah, because I know you’ll be an amazing and fair queen. Also because I love you Mai or May.” He laughed and looked in her eyes, she leaned in for a kiss. She closed her eyes, but the sounds of the guards came to her attention.
“Oh no, the guards are coming! Follow me!” She ran in a panic, her and William ran through the ally. Both the young boy and girl. Were trying to catch their breath.

All her family wondered what could have happened: her father thought she was kidnapped, her mother thought she had ran away from home. In all everyone was hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. As Mia roamed through every ally looking for a way back without being noticed. William was afraid of what could happen if he n Mia were caught.

Mia found her way castle court yard, her yard filled with many flowers of all sorts of colors.
“I think this is as far as I could go Mia.” He looked worried.
“It’s okay, just come in and I’ll say your with me!” Mia explained.
“I’m not sure if I should though.”
“Just come on!” Mia pulled William by his arm and climbed back up to her room.

Mia went searching through her room for anything William could wear to fit in with the royals. She went looking through all cloths and found nothing, three knocks at the door. In a rush she hide him as quickly as she could.
“Oh goodness! Mia their you are where did you go?” Her mother asked.
“Oh I was in my closet, I seem to get lost in there.” Mia said trying to cover up her disappearance.
“Well you missed breakfast, but you still have tea with Charles!” Her mother said and she left the room. Immediately William jumped out of the closet.
“Who’s Charles?” He asked.
“He’s… my…friend and our families are close allies.” Mia said.
“Well you should get to your meeting miss Mia.” William said with a grin on his face.
“Of course, but can you walk me down please?” Mia handed him a pair of cloths to change in to. As they walked down to the garden, the two walked in as if they knew what was going on.

The first glace of the garden William got was taken over by the tall young man with black hair standing at the table. This man had a black suite on with a tie, as Mia and William reached the table, Mia’s mother looked with evil judgmental eyes. Her mother looked to William as a bug that need to be eliminated.
“Hello Mia, and friend.” Charles said.
“Hello Charles, and this is my friend William.” Mia introduced him.
“Well, hello William, I’m Charles.”
“Hello.” William said nervously. As Mia and Charles sat down William sat close to Mia. The server pouring the tea was doing his job, but William was so accustom to pouring his own tea he urged to pour his cup of tea! He held back the urge, to pretend to be royalty. As both Charles and Mia talked about important things such as marriage, where to live. William had a pen in his pocket he took it out, grabbed a napkin and wrote Mia a note.
“Excuse me I’m feeling a little tired, I’m going to take a walk.” William stood and announced, he shock Charles hand and shock Mia’s hand to pass her the note. The note said
“Umm… you and I need to talk meet me in the back of the court yard.” Mia stood up a few minutes later, and said
“Charles I feel a bit fate. I need walk it off please excuse me.”
“Of course dear go ahead just be back.” Charles said with a smirk grin on his face. As she walked away, she looked at all the scenery of the court yard the colors of the flowers amazed her. Mia was wondering around in the court yard, she found William standing looking at the red roses.
“There you are!” She said.
“Okay so I need to ask you something.” William had a serious look on his face, his tone of voice changed from being happy to an angry tone.
“What is it William?” She asked with fear in her voice.
“Is Charles your boyfriend?” He depressingly asked. The look on his face was as if he ripped his heart out for her and for nothing.
“No…He’s my arranged husband.” Mia was nervous of his reaction.
“Wow Mia really you could of told me that before instead of making me look stupid!” William said with such anger in his voice. Mia had a tear in her eye and ran back into the castle, with out even saying a word to William to explain herself. Her heart was tore apart with a million pieces on the ground, William the best friend she knew for so long, her only love was mad. Her parents weren’t concerned of her feelings. Mia went to her room forgetting about finishing tea with Charles. Charles walked into Mia’s room, he saw that she was crying on her bed.
“What’s wrong dear?” Charles asked.
“It’s none of your concern right now! So, please leave!” Mia replied with anger in her voice. Charles left room, she laid on her bed crying finally she fell asleep.

Suddenly there came small tapings on her window. The sound of the tapings woke her up. Mia stood up and opened the window she looked out, the one only William was standing outside waiting for her to respond. She a tear of joy come down her face.
“What’s wrong, why are you crying?” William asked generously.
“Nothing I’m just really happy to see you!” She responded with a smile.
“Well…are coming down May? Today is the big festival!” He said with excitement.
“Yes of course I’m going just wait a minute.” Mia said, in rush she got her cloths on and climbed down, and out to village. She was excited to see all her friends at the festival.

The color of the village looked as if a big rainbow digested the village! May saw all her close friends, but the most important of all was her friend Olga. Olga was May’s best friend, any secret she had Olga knew about, to dare to tell a soul would be like stab in the back to May. May wasn’t worried about anything or anyone bothering her with her friends because she was in disguise, it also didn’t hurt that she changed her name as well. William was scared to think of any consequence if the royal’s knew the big secret.
“William, you very distracted is something wrong?” Olga curiously asked.
“No nothing is wrong.” William was nervous.
“So!” She said eagerly.
“So…” William replied with an unease tone of voice.
“Have you heard the big secret?’ She asked.
“About what?” He answered.
“May, silly whom else would I be talking about.” Olga looked with suspicion.
“Yes, in fact I know everything, and I’m okay with it.” William said very proudly.
“Well isn’t it a crazy small world.” She said.
“It’s not like we meet somebody like May everyday, she is special.”
“Aw how sweet.” Olga looked at May as she blushed. William’s feelings for May shined like a star on a dark night. The night moved along the laughs, fun, and games filled the ears of the town. William had very stage ideas, but May wasn’t shy to hear them or go along wit them.

William wondered off into the woods by himself, just walking and thinking. In a distance was shadowy figure, it was a familiar figure as well. The figure came closer to William, it was his friend Knox, he and William were great friends almost as if they were brothers. William always told Knox his problems, feelings, thoughts, and even his ideas!
“Knox, what do you do when you really like a girl, but she’s in an arranged marriage?” He questioned.
“Well what I would do is marry this girl before she gets married!” Knox laughed at his own idea, but William was thinking over the foolish idea.
“No, I’m being serious Knox!” William gave Knox a small push.
“I am too, listen get a ring and propose to May. I know you love her I always see how you stare at her. Trust me!!” Knox was dead serious.
“Well… I need a ring.”
“Okay. I’ll get you one in fact my dad just made one with a diamond in it!” Knox excitedly said.
“Okay let’s go!” The two boys ran to Knox’s father’s shop in a hurry, while May and Olga just watched the little puppeteers put on a performance.

Knox ran in to the shop, he told his father the situation and got the ring and just left in a flash. The moment the boy’s got there the puppet show was over, all the wind was blowing and music filled the air. The night sky was filled with stars it made the moment perfect for William’s epic plan. William pulled Mia to the side, they walked into the woods, William looked in to Mia’s eyes. Mia had butterflies in the stomach, William was nervous to go through with his plan.
“Mia.” William said excitedly.
“What is it?” Mia was shy.
“Mia, I love you.” William paused he got down on one knee, and pulled the ring out. “Will you marry me?”
“Wow… William I’m shocked.” Mia smiled and blushed. William looked scared, he thought Mia would reject him.
“Well… will you?”
“Yes!” William jumped up and swept her off her feet, Mia looked in his eyes. She closed her eyes and for the first time they shared their first kiss with each other.

The night was coming to an end, Mia made it back to the castle safely. Mia fell asleep in her cloths that she wore that night. Bella, Mia’s little sister, woke her up in morning.
“Charles proposed to you!” Bella shouted out loud.
“Huh?” Mia was confused.
“Your ring it’s so gorgeous!” Bella was excited, she ran everywhere boosting about the ring. Mia had a big dilemma on her plate, she was worried about Charles, how he could give the wrong information to Mia’s family. Mia knew she had to get t Charles before anyone else did. Charles was allowed to stay at the castle whenever he desired, Mia went running through out the castle looking for Charles, finally after an hour she found him.
“Charles! We need to talk.” Mia had a serious look on her face.
“Ok Mia what is it darling?” Charles asked.
“Well…” Charles interrupted Mia.
“The ring on your figure… let me guess this dear… you’ve fallen for your little friend you brought to the tea yesterday, and he gave you the ring. Am I right?” Charles said with sarcastic tone of voice.
“Yes…” Mia again was interrupted rudely by Charles.
“And you’re expecting me to lie to your family and say I don’t want to marry you, right I am again aren’t I.” Charles rudely said.
“Yes, now you can’t say anything. I beg you not to.” Mia’s look on her was as if the problem became worst.
“Okay…” Charles said.
“So you’re okay with it?” Mia ask curiously.
“No I’m not…” The door was about to open Charles quickly changed the conversation.
“What time is tea today?” Mia stood quiet, she told her mother she was going for a walk in the garden. Charles looked angry.

The gloom of the clouds made the day worst, Mia was in a fork in the road; between living as a queen with Charles or just living a normal life with William. The rain was beginning to come down, Mia just stood in the rain hoping for an idea to come to her. In the distance she saw a familiar figure, Mia walked toward the figure in the distance. She got close enough and realize it was her grandmother, whom passed away before Bella was born.
“Grandma?!” Mia was unsure if it was just a figment of her imagination.
“Hello my dear Mia.” Her grandmother replied.
“I can’t believe it I see you in front of me!” Tears came rushing down her face just like the rain.
“I’ve been watching over you Mia! I know your in a bit of a problem.” She smiled.
“I do grandma, and I’m not sure what I what to do! I love William, but I love this country as well.” Mia said.
“Well follow through on your agreement with William, but be true and tell your parents what’s going on, because I had the same problem Mia.” With that her grandmother left and with tears in Mia’s eye’s she came to her senses and followed her grandmothers advice. Mia was walking to her parents room, but she was side tracked by Charles. He swiftly grabbed her arm and ran, he took her to the garden and hid. She was curious about what was going to happen.
“Mia I don’t like William at all because I have to have you, your mine, and only mine!” Charles was raging with jealously.
“Well I’m going to marry William, I don’t care about what you want!” Mia shouted.
“Well Mia I’ll have you either way no matter what. I get my way!” Charles walked away, Mia stood there with a blank face. She didn’t know what she had just gotten herself into.

As the day went on Mia worried about what Charles was talking about. Mean while Charles devised a plan just to follow Mia around; she knew Charles would want to see where she’s always running off to. Mia snuck off into the village, Charles followed her. William was hidden in a dark ally, he stood there waiting for Mia to come closer. She was close enough to the ally, he grabbed her arm quickly he pulled Mia away. William made sure that this time he knew his way back to the castle!

The two ran as fast as they could through the ally and back to the castle, the rain was pouring it was harder to see the way back. William and Mia made it to the castle, they both climbed all the way back to her room. She passed him a towel and clean cloths to wear, he quickly changed cloths. The door swung right open, Charles was furious.
“William I challenge you to a battle! To see whom is worthy of marring Mia!” Charles said in an angry tone. William wasn’t intimidated by Charles, his look on his face was as if he were going to attack Charles.
“Okay I accept!” William was dead serious.
“Very well than be ready tomorrow, at noon. It’ll be a gun duel!” Charles eyes went from dark brown to red. William stood quiet as Charles left the room. Mia was scared for her life, if Charles wins she loses William forever, and if William wins her parents will forbid them from seeing each other. The night was closer than Mia hoped, this night was the last night she knew William would for sure staying alive.

That night Mia left to meet with William’s family and inform them about the duel. All his family was worried about the battle, especially his little sister Bethany or Beth. Beth was crying her eyes out when she heard the terrible news, she looked up to William as her father because there father wasn’t really around at all. Mia knelt to the ground and looked at Beth, she gave her a little tiara her mother gave to her when she was just a toddler. Beth smiled at Mia and gave her a hug. That last nigh was everything to Mia, she no longer lived by the name May she only lived as Mia now.

The village finally knew that May was Mia. There was so many stars in the sky that night. Mia and William just watched the stars together.
“You know Mia if Charles ends up wining I want you to take care of Beth for me.” William was at peace.
“Of course I’ll take great care of her as if she was my child.” Mia had a tear in her eye.
“Don’t cry nobody said the course of love was going to be smooth, I’ll fight for you and only you.” William whipped Mia’s tear away. Mia looked at him with deep eyes, he smiled and said.
“I’m looking at an angel.” Mia blushed. That night was one of the best nights they had together, in Mia’s favor she was hoping it wasn’t the last. Mia had butterflies in her stomach when she woke up next to William.
“Good morning beautiful!” William said in an excited tone.
“Good morning!” Mia wasn’t to happy when she woke up. William kissed Mia’s head and got ready for the big day.

Mia was nervous noon was right around the corner. William was as ready as he could be, the battle was being held in the court yard. The whole village was on William’s side, but Mia and Charles’ family were on Charles side. Mia wasn’t going to give the benefit of the doubt that William wasn’t going to win, but she had faith in him. Noon had just sprung the clock, William and Charles went face to face with each other.
“Hah your little proletariat gun is no match for my gun. I just want to inform you that, when your dead that Mia and I will not be attending the funeral. We’ll be in my country getting married, but we’ll send flowers!” Charles said rudely as he stared William down.
“Don’t give yourself to much credit, your not as great as you think. Anyone can cause the death of another for a dumb reason, but it takes one smart person to realize its not for themselves, its for someone they love.” William told Charles as their backs were together. They walked nine paces forward, they both turned around, the dramatic pause was building up the tension of the battle. Mia was scared, she was breathing heavily tears were rushing down her face like a water fall.

Their figures were on the trigger just waiting.
“Somebody shoot already!” Someone in the crowd shouted it broke the silence of the moment. They both pulled the trigger, the bullets were shot out. Mia closed her eyes and covered her ears, the second she opened her eyes the tears burst from her face. William was hit with the bullet, Charles missed by an inch. William was shot in his lungs, Mia went running down by his side.
“William my love open your eyes! I love you William please just open your eyes!” William opened his eyes, and said
“Mia I want you to know that… I didn’t die in vain, I died for you. I love you that’s all that matters.” He paused to take his last breath. “ I’ll see you in heaven my beautiful angel.” Mia kissed William for the last time, just like that he was gone. The heart broken Mia grabbed the gun next to him, she put it to her heart.
“I’ll see you in heaven William!” Mia pulled the trigger; but nothing came out. Her father came to hold her back.
“Mia you’re being foolish don’t, just stop!” He shouted.
“No, father you don’t know what love is, and you never will. I’m not marring Charles, I don’t love him!” She ran to her room, packed her belongings and left.

From that day on Mia lived alone, although she was visited by Beth so often. As Beth grew older she fell in love with Mia’s brother, him and Beth were the same in age. Beth always kept Mia company, Mia looked at Beth.
“Mia I really do thank you for all you did for my family really even though William is gone.” Beth praised Mia for her acts of kindness.
“I couldn’t have asked for anything better than to see you happy. Now I think I’m going to leave. I’ll let William know that you’re happy and I fulfilled his favor.” Mia drank her tea, the tea was lemon tea William’s favorite, but Mia poisoned it herself. She dropped dead, Beth cried knowing the two most important people in her life were gone. William and Mia were like her parents, she felt a close bond with Mia. Beth had Mia buried right next to William’s grave, Mia died with the engagement ring on given to her by him.
That great battle was to prove how strong one person could love another.

William and Mia reunited in heaven together!
The End!

The author's comments:
i think i wrote this stroy just to prove a little thing called love could be real

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I love it.. proof read before sending it in..n death is not the solution to an impossible love. But I get your point