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Bye Bye Birdie

February 28, 2011
By Saika PLATINUM, Durango, Colorado
Saika PLATINUM, Durango, Colorado
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Leam made his way to his house. He was late, past curfew. Robert was bound to be pissed at him. He was late the 3rd day in a row. But he couldn't help that he was visiting his boyfriend, Daniel, and kept forgetting the time. Time goes by fast when your having fun, as the old saying goes. And they were having a lot of fun. They were making-out, kissing, touching, and talking about how much they loved each other. 1 year had gone by since they started dating in secret. Robert, Leam's father, was a total homophobe, hating everything to do with gay people. Girls or boys. Oh how he missed Penny though. Beautiful Penny, with her copper hair, her bright blue eyes.

“S**t... I'm so late... Roberts gonna kill me,” thought Leam as he made his way down the empty street, “I better have a better excuse, if he finds out that I'm dating a guy...” he shuddered at the thought. He knew what would happen to the poor guy he loved if his father found out. The ax in the shed was sharpened for the deed. A tear dropped from his eye. He loved Daniel too much to allow anything of the kind to happen to him. He'd kill himself before that would ever happen. Deep into his thoughts, he suddenly stopped in front of his house. He looked at his watch, 2:46 am. The lights were on. “Great... he's still awake. I'll try to climb the fence to my room, hopefully he won't notice,” was his thoughts as he scaled the white fence.

He was opening his window when he heard shouting from downstairs. “God dammit! When that f***** gets here I'm going to kill him!!!” He stopped in his tracks. He panicked, he knew he was serious. He looked down, and jumped. He ran right back to Daniel's house. He had lived alone, since he was 18. Leam only had 3 more months of living with his father. He remembered his mother, Penny. He started tearing up. The reason his father hated him. The reason he hated homosexuals. He sighed and pushed forward. He needed to hurry and get to his new home before Robert saw him.

Daniel looked at him with a puzzled face, “What the-- What the hell Leam! Why are you here?! Aren't you--,” he saw the tears welling up in his eyes, “Oh...” He took him in his arms and hugged him. Leam cried for 10 minutes, then Daniel pulled Leam's chin up so they made eye contact. He whispered “I love you, Leam. I wouldn't ever make you go back there,” then pulled his face towards him. They embraced. After 10 minutes of that, they then lied down in the bed, still caught in their embrace. Daniel's soft hand made its way to Leam's silken brunette hair. Daniel's eye length, black hair swayed as they kissed. Their beautiful blue eyes both sparkled from the intense love.

“Penny, Penny... Why do you still love this boy? Why do you want me to love him?” Robert asked the picture of his deceased wife, “He's in love with a boy! That's not a normal thing! I don't know why he chose to go this way, but he did and i need to do something about it! You know what Penny? As much as i love you, I'm doing this my own way!” He grabbed the ax from the shed, and sharpened it to its maximum sharpness. He went strait to his sons room, and hacked everything in the room, to remind him that his son is an outcast. He believed, you see, that his son chose to be gay (and we all know its not inherited or even chosen, its biological). While he was hacking away, he found a picture of his son and his boyfriend. “God... Disgusting!” he opened it up and found a message to Leam on the back. It said, “Fly away with me. Be my love and be mine forever. Come be my bird, and be my dove. Love, Daniel”, Robert looked it over again. A softness came to his face for a split second, “Penny...” he thought, then went back to his harsh ways, “So Daniels the name, is it?” He chuckled to himself. Soon the boy would be gone. Perished from this earth. And Leam would be there to watch too.

After an hour of rolling around with Daniel half-naked, Leam got up. Daniel looked at him with worry, “Whats wrong?”

“I have a feeling that he's gonna come and kill you...” Tears slid down his face like bullets. The thought of loosing the only person who loved him disturbed him greatly.

“W-why does your dad... Hate gay people?” Daniel asked through a kiss.

“He- he... My mom, Penny, you know,” Daniel nodded, he's seen pictures of her.

“Yeah, the cute one who's best friend was John?”

“Yeah... Well, Johnathan's best friend, Harry, was like deeply in-- In love with Robert. He was jealous that Penny got him and not him. So... He..” he started crying harder, his mother was the only one who loved him then, “He took a chainsaw and chopped her into pieces...” He suddenly remembered the still gushing blood, the limbs strung about like doll limbs. Innards, pulled out, pools and pools of the warm blood. Then he remembered his fathers face. The tears that rolled down, and the hatred in his eyes. The hate that started that day towards his son and all homosexuals. His tears came down 1 harder. 5 years he had to deal with his dad hating him. The years of pain afflicted upon him. The months of starvation. The years of cutting himself came back. He looked down at his wrists, the marks were still there on his pale skin. Daniel looked down, then with horrid pain, cried out. He had no clue that this was his past.

Daniel grabbed Leam and started to kiss him like he never did before. During, Daniel examined Leam, taking in his structure. His soft brunette hair, his girlish, baby blue eyes, his soft, round face. He was short for a guy, only 5'4'', and looked very babyish. He loved everything about Leam. Meanwhile, Leam thought about Daniel. His love and pride. The only person who actually loved him for who he was. Daniel had ruffled, eye length black hair, and soft, dark blue eyes. He had a soft face, the jaw-bone sticking out a little and stood at a height of 6'1½” . He looked more masculine than the little boy known as Leam.

The truth was, that Daniel knew not much of Leam's life. He knew his father hated them both and that his mother was killed by a jealous guy. That was about it. He didn't know he was beat until near death on many occasions, he didn't know that Leam was starved at random intervals, Daniel didn't even know that Leam cut himself out of depression, increasing the wounds he gets afflicted upon him. Daniel never had to deal with this in his childhood. From a young age, Daniel was raised by a single mother, who cried her heart out when he moved out 6 months ago. She probably wishes he would come back to visit her, however, that wish will go on forgotten. Daniel would do anything to help his poor little Leam.

“Leam,” he kissed him, “W-why? Why do you cut yourself?” Leam got a blank stare, his eyes glazed over, and he started to yell with agony. Daniel had no clue what was going on, he figured, though, it was his schizophrenic father, Robert. “Leam, why... What happens in your house? I'm sorry if this gets too personal, but I need to know so I can help you!” Tears streamed from both of their faces, one of fear, the other of worry.

“Daniel, you are the first person I've ever told,” Leam cried out, “Robert beats me! He's starved me, beat me, harassed me, and has on several occasions threatened to kill me if I did something---” There was a noise from outside, “Oh God...!” Both of the two boys, stood still, and waited for the noise to go. It soon went, however, not without a weird noise on the door. The boys got scared, mainly Leam, who knew what was outside. They wanted to wait a few hours until morning, so they have a lesser chance of being killed by Robert. In fact, it was Robert who found his way to Daniel's house, through an email from Daniel, saying he moved homes into town, instead of his mothers house which was an hour away. It was a message to those “f******”, and when the scared boys opened the door, they saw a message written for them, “Two little birds, 1 will go, 1 will watch, Move elsewhere and the two little birds will drop down faster, 7” Leam screamed, he knew it was the end of the line, Daniel, his love, was going to be killed by his father in 7 days. Daniel looked worried, what did the message mean? Two little birds? 7?

“Leam! What's wrong?!” cried out Daniel

“Daniel! We need to get out of here, and fast! He's coming! He's coming to kill you!!! In one week! Oh god! Oh god!” Leam was so scared, he passed out on the brick road.

2 days later, the couple found themselves huddled in a cozy little cabin in the middle of the woods. They drove for most of those two days, worried that Robert was following them. They weren't exactly right. Robert was too busy working on his plan to kill Daniel and forcing Leam to watch, that he didn't notice that 2354 Goldfinch Street was vacated. He didn't worry if they fled, he knew where his son was, for he had implanted a small GPS chip inside of his son's skin as a young boy, so Penny wouldn't worry on where he was.

The two boys made their way to the cozy, little cabin. It was next to a trickling stream, always frozen in the winter and mosquito infested in the summer. The cabin itself was a beauty, made from oak wood, and had two bedrooms,one bathroom, a kitchen and a living room with a fireplace. They got settled in 3 hours after they found themselves at this little cabin. Soon they found themselves making out, Daniel slowly put his hands down Leam's pants. They were off a few minutes afterwards, followed by his shirt. A couple seconds later, Daniels were off too.


“Oh god,” sighed Leam, “D-did... Did i just do that?”

“Mhmm,” Daniel replied, “Did you like it?”

“Yeah... It was awesome, hut I'm 17 and i just lost my virginity,”

“Trust me, i lost mine LONG ago!” He started laughing

“Y-you did?”

While the two boys were talking, they failed to notice that there was a new person in the house. An unwelcome guest too. He held an ax in his hand, and in the other, some old black rags. He waited. Waited until Leam was alone in the room.

“Hold on! I'm going to go get some water from the kitchen,” That was Roberts opportunity, it wasn't his son's voice, it was a new one. He hid himself deeper in the corner he was in. Nobody noticed. He rushed into the room when Leam wasn't paying attention, and tied him all up with the rags, his knees, feet, arms, and mouth. He couldn't move, luckily Leam put some clothes on, however this is not important for what is about to happen. He started crying, knowing the end of Daniel was soon. His love, Daniel, was going to disapear from this world, and he couldn't go with him. He loved Daniel so much, it already hurt him so bad, and he was going to be screaming with intense pain when he's forced to watch him be killed. Foot steps started down the hallway. Leam started screaming through the gag around his mouth.

“DANFUL! DANFUL! RUFF! RUFF DANFUL!” Unluckily for him and his love, it was muffled and couldn't be heard by the unaware Daniel. He started sobbing harder, his heart breaking with every step that Daniel took. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1... The door flung open, and Daniel stepped in. He was holding two water glasses, he dropped them as he saw Leam, and he started to run towards him. Leam started screaming “NO” as loud as he could, however, he heard nothing through the mask. Robert dashed out from behind the door with the ax held high in the air. It started swinging down like it would in a slow-motion scene. It all happened too fast.

Daniel was screaming in agonizing pain, Leam cried and tried to stand up, he had to try to help. Warm, red blood started gushing from Daniel's back. Leam cried harder than he had ever had, more than when he was abused by his father. Robert was laughing maniacally, knowing he was hurting his son horribly. Leam's face was streaming with tears, and he projected harsh cries of pain. His father stopped for a second, then looked over at him, “You know, you better shut the hell up or its gonna be worse!” Leam's eyes widened, and he dropped to the ground, then he saw a slight movement from the ground, Daniel, still clinging on to life.

“Ah. I see,” His dad turned around towards Daniel, “You, you really love him, well guess what? He's DEAD! HA! DEAD DEAD DEAD! And I killed him!” He looked down at Daniel, and soon his mouth gaped open, “You son of a bi**h, you're still alive are you?” He raised the ax again, “Say bye, bye birdie to your little boyfriend!” And swung down with perpetual force. Leam screamed again, watching with wide eyes. He swung with more force cutting up Daniel's beautiful face. Red blood still gushed out, the cuts deepend with every blow. Robert started laughing. He had a brilliant idea. He removed Daniel's pants, and castrated him with the ax. This was getting to the point where Leam gave up. Daniel is dead and he can't do anything about it. His screams reduced to cries, and cries down to sobs, and sobs down to death still. He thought it was his fault his love died, because he was gay. “Had I really loved him,” he thought, “Yes, of course I did!”

His father looked over to see Leam still, “So i see that I reached your breaking point, well bye” and then walked out. The body had 45 deep gashes, many of which are on his torso. Pieces of him were cut off completely, one eye was missing in all the gore, innards pooled out of the chest, an arm hung from the side of the bed, while the other was barely on Daniel's body. Blood was splattered throughout the room, looking more like paint than blood. A leg was barely on, held only by a small nerve tissue, and the other was missing, somewhere in the mess. His [[censored word]] was under the bed in 5 pieces, and his heart ripped out, lying a top of Leam's chest. Sob after sob continually came out. He was still tied up and couldn't get to the phone. He soon passed out from the huge frighting mess.

A neighbor came up to the quiet cabin, somebody lived there, however, nobody has seen them come out at all. She knocked on the door, no reply. S he tried the handle, and it worked. She walked in and saw a trail of dried blood, she got scared, “Hello? Anybody home?” she called, she heard a muffled wail coming from the back room. She ran to the room, and when she walked in she screamed. All she saw was blood, a severed body, and a little boy tied up.

“Oh my god! Let me help you!” she exclaimed. She ran over to where he was, and untied him. He started crying. “What happened! My Lord!”

“M-my father.. He- he.. He killed my boyfriend!” claimed Leam to the stranger. She looked at him with a puzzled look.


“He's a homophobe, and i was in a relationship with a guy, so he killed him a few days ago! And- and... H-he made me watch it!” He stuttered the whole time he talked.

“Son, how old are you? 13? 14?”

“NO! My name is Leam Williams and I am 17 years old! That boy in there is Daniel Smith, and he's 18 years old! PLEASE! Do you cell phone! I need to call the police to arrest my dad!” She slipped him a phone, and then walked into another room, so he could talk privately. He was on the phone for a long time. He gave the phone back to the nice woman, “Thanks. Hey, whats your name? If it weren't for you, I would have stayed there and died,”

“No problem, my names Penny. Its funny, I have the same last name as you. Penny Williams,” She turned around and walked out, he stood gaping out after her. Penny Williams, his mothers name.

A few weeks later, she would hear his name again. She was watching the news when it came on. A video of a boy jumping off of Canyon Bridge, the tallest bridge for 100 miles. Going down about 1000 feet. He smiled as he did it, he also had a knife in his tiny little hand. He stabbed himself in the heart halfway down. Smiling the whole time. The news broadcaster claimed that he left a note, “To Penny Williams, I'm sorry, i had to. I am going to be with Daniel now, i love him too much to live without him. He was killed, you saved me, and I hope you dont get too upset at me. Good bye fair friend, With despair, Leam Williams,”

“Oh Leam. I can't get mad at you, I only knew you for 2 days,” Claimed a sighing Penny. She clung to her pants, and sighed again, “Two little birds, 1 will go, one will stay, soon goes that other one, in just 8 days,”

The author's comments:
[[[~Yo! Wassup! I'm Anime_Lover7, and this is just one of three versions of this story! If you want full on hardcore yaoi style Uncensored version, email me on my spam email at support.lucky7 @, yes i dont care! you can spam it all you want, I only check it for things like this. So i hope to get your personal comments on them! Love, Anime_Lover7~]]]

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