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the best day ever

February 7, 2011
By joeyhamilton23 PLATINUM, Des Moines, Iowa
joeyhamilton23 PLATINUM, Des Moines, Iowa
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Jeremiah woke exhausted from staying late up last night studying for his drivers permit. He wished his dream had come true, in his dream he was dreaming about driving his dads 1969 Shelby mustang. Ever since Jeremiah could remember they had always had that car, there were so many good and bad memories in that car, but Jeremiah knew that one day that car would be his. As he was dressing himself he kept trying to remind himself of questions and answers in the booklet as he was doing this he was repeating to himself “today’s the day, I can do it I can do it”. He ran downstairs ad checked the time it was 9:21 his mother was making breakfast for the family Jeremiah didn’t notice it because he was to nervous and excited about the test, but it was his favorite bacon and eggs with pancakes on the side. Don’t rush yourself now you’ll get sick Said jeremiahs mom.”I’ll be fine mom said Jeremiah I just really hope I pass the test.””I’m sure you will honey you’re a good kid and you studied really hard said his mom”. Jeremiah put his plate in the sink and ran outside to find his dad. His dad was smoking a cigarette sitting in the car waiting for Jeremiah so he could drive him to take his test and take him somewhere special if he passed. “Are you ready son he said”? Oh you have no idea said Jeremiah. It took them five minutes to get there Jeremiah and his dad rushed inside to take his test. There was a small line so it didn’t take long for them to come up to the desk with a man who took his information. He followed the man’s instructions and went in to the room with the computers were he was assigned to take the test. He sat there nervous and impatient with his self. There were the twenty three questions he started out good, but then a question came on the screen that really confused him he looked at the time it was almost 10:00 He had been there for twenty minutes he was on his tenth question and he was getting really nervous, but he clicked an answer and a red signal popped up and it said incorrect he jumped a little in his seat and sat there thinking to himself he looked at the next question and clicked again on an answer incorrect again the computer said mocking his mistakes. He was sweating really bad he kept trying to remember questions from the booklet in his head but he couldn’t remember them. He looked at the next question he looked at it and his head started spinning he had no idea what the answer was, but he picked one he smiled because he remembered it so he knew he got it right. He sighed with relief and wiped off the sweat from his brow. Next question he said to himself a little excited, but anxious to find out what question was hiding in this door. A few minutes passed on he had only two more questions he has missed another question and he and two more misses if he missed both of these he would fail.
He was sweating so bad his chair was getting moist. He went to the second to last question and examined it with confidence he knew the answer he thought to himself, and he clicked on his answer to discover the mocking red incorrect screen One more wrong and you lose said the red screen to Jeremiah. He was so anxious and frustrated he mumbled and hit the table in an outrage. He had one more to go he clicked the button and the next question came up he looked at it and was shocked he didn’t know the answer He sat there petrified and confused. He closed his eyes and clicked on an answer a tear fell down his cheek because he knew he hadn’t got his drivers permit. He opened his eyes and looked at the screen correct it said correct He jumped out of his chaired and screamed he closed his eyes and covered them with his hands in fear he didn’t pass he opened his eyes and hands and saw the screen it was green and he had passed the test he was so happy he screamed yes. He ran up to the man and showed him his screen the man congratulated him took his picture and gave him his drivers permit. This was the happiest day in jeremiahs life he was so proud he passed he showed It to his dad in pride and his father was. Great job son I’m so proud of you now you can drive the car, said his dad”. “Really dad said Jeremiah”. Well not today maybe tomorrow “said jeremiahs dad, but why Jeremiah said.” Because his dad said we going somewhere special today and I need you blindfolded and I’m not going to have you drive blindfolded. Okay Jeremiah laughed confused on what his dad was saying .they went in the car and his dad blindfolded confused he asked his dad, “where are we going?” asked Jeremiah. “Oh…You’ll see son”, said jeremiahs dad. Jeremiah was blindfolded like his dad said and they drove for a while his dad stopped and Jeremiah could hear kids screaming .The car stopped and Jeremiah asked If he could take his blindfold off but he dad said one more minute. His dad took him out of the car and told him to take it off Excited and curious he took off his blindfold excited by the smell of corndogs and cotton candy. He saw something he had always wanted to go to he was so excited he jumped at his dad and gave him a big hug “Oh My Gosh Were in Disneyland!” Screamed Jeremiah He looked all around and could see all of his favorite Disney characters He gave his dad another big hug and said” This is the best day ever and ran inside”. And with that his dad followed and he agreed it truly was the best day ever the end

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