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One Year Anniversary <3

January 22, 2011
By CardinalRunner BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
CardinalRunner BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
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Matthew Wheeler and Grace Lopez. The best couple you could ever imagine. They've been the cutest, Christian couple since Junior High. They were eachothers first boyfriend and girlfriend and eachothers first kiss. He's everything she has ever wanted. He is sweet, romantic, sensitive, funny and can always make her laugh and smile. She is just about the exact same. Their stubborness brings them even closer, oddly enough. They both have always been the sweet, romantic couple. When they were younger they'd write eachother letters. Sweet, loving letters, that they still have to this day. Yes, they had their fights, but they got through everything. Even when she said they were done, they never really were. They knew they needed eachother so they figured a way to work it all out. Everyday they said "We will be together forever." Down inside they both were scared something might happen to affect that, but it didn't and won't. They knew what love was, because thats exactly what they had, no matter what people said. Her hugs and kisses meant so much to him, and they mean even more now. When they were just teens she would tell him those three words, he felt like he had the whole world at this feet. They felt both blessed, because God blessed them with eachother.

One day she told him "I want to look at the stars with you when were married." And he told her on their one year anniversary, they will do so. He told her exactly how he'd do that, and she loved the idea. She loved how he was so sweet. She would ask him how he knew they would be together forever, and he said "I just got that feeling, that magical feeling my love." They already knew what they wanted. They'd have a great big wedding, which they did. Their honeymoon would be Alaska, where his dream was to go, and they went and enjoyed it. They would live in a log cabin house on a lake, with a trail in the back, and with a bench. A bench that he carved in it "I love you Grace." And thats what they have. They loved taking walks together, hand in hand. So they decided when their married they'll take a walk together everyday, hand in hand and sit on their bench. Thats what they did. He told her he'll bring her home a red rose, her favorite flower, everyday when he comes home from work, thats what he continues to do.

Now he's 24, and she's 23. Tomorrow is their one year anniversary. He knows exactly what he's gonna do. He remembered what he told when he was just about 15. That they'd look at the stars that night. And he'd make it a remarkable day.

It was the day of their anniversary.

She woke up before him, as always. And laid their thinking of them, and how they've made it this far. She decided to wake him up in a way she did often, a way that he loved: she would kiss his lips until he would wake up. She leaned over and kissed his lips softly, jsut the way he liked it. She kissed his lips about five times and noticed he had already woke up but was waiting just for that. So she stopped and whispered in his ear, "Sweetheart I know your awake." and he replied "Yea but lets just pretend I'm not." and he laughed as well as she did. So she kissed his cheek and said, "Happy anniversary! What are we gonna do today? Maybe we can go out to eat." And he said, "Happy anniversary sweetie. No, I got everything covered. How about we go for a walk." "Before breakfast?" "Yes, we can get an apple for each of us and eat it on the way." "Okay, well get your butt up," she giggled. "First you gotta come and kiss me just a little more," he smiled.

So she did and they got up and she walked to the bathroom to go brush her teeth, he followed right behind her, and grabbed her from behind and turned her around. He hugged her tight and kissed her pasionatly. As they kissed they squeezed eachother tighter, the way they did even when they were younger. He stopped kissing her and hugging her, they stood before eachother. He grabbed her hands in his, and looked into her eyes and said, "Grace, you mean everything to me. I am the luckiest man in the world. You make me the happiest, and your so beautiful. I've known since I was just 15 that you were the one for me, and now look. Happy anniversary my gorgeous love. I love you." She was so thrilled she just jumped into his arms and said, "Your so sweet, I love you so much Matthew." He smiled and she smiled back. Then, she put her hands on his cheeks and kissed him, just alot of pecks. Then inbetween the kisses they kept saying "I love you." Then she said, "Ok my love lets go brush our teeth and go take that walk." And he said, "Okay I guess." They laughed.

They walked on their trail, holding hands. Talking about their great marriage and eachothers family. And how they love eachother so much. They laughed alot and kissed alot. They finally reached their bench and he sat down. He tapped the bench so she could sit right next to her. He put his arm around her and pulled her right next to him. She asked, "What do you have planned today?" Matthew smiled, "You dont remember sweetheart?" She looked confused, "What do you mean?" He said, "Oh you'll see."

He stood up and put his hand out to her and said, "May I have this dance Mrs.Wheeler?" She was astonished, "Yes you may." She stood up and with no music at all they slow-danced. They didn't do this often, but when they did, it was breathtaking to Grace. She loved his sweet thoughts. She said, "Babe I love you more than you know." He kissed her lips and said, "But I love you more." They danced away not caring what time it was. They sat back down on their bench and spent almost 3 hours there laughing, kissing, talking, dancing and her in his arms. He loved spending time with her he thought. No matter if he was just sitting next to her and neither of them not saying a word. "Grace, sweetie I think it's just about lunch time, lets go eat."

Instead he packed a lunch, and told her they were going on a picnic. They drove to a nearby park. As they were driving they listened to their song, "Forever and For Always." By Shania Twain. They sang along with it, knowing every single word. That had been their song since she was 14 and he was 15. When they were younger she would ask him to sing the chrous for her and he'd go ahead without hesitiating. When he asked her, it was the exact oppposite, but he thought it was cute that she a bit nervous.

They got to the park. It was a bit noisy, because of the little kids playing, Grace still loved it though. He told her to go ahead and sit down. Matthew was getting out the PB&amp;J's he made for them. And apple juice. He got out a PB&amp;J for her and set it on a plate. "Matthew, its beautiful. How did you shape the sandwich into a heart?" He gave her a gaze and said "I have my ways darling." They ate and talked, then he came up with a crazy but fun idea. "How bout we go play in the park too? I'll push you on the swing." She got up and started running, "Last one to the swings is a rotten egg!" He laughed and ran after her, "Fine you win Grace!" He said playfully. She pushed him on the swing and he pushed her. Thoughts went through her head when he played with her fingers while they both sat on the swings next to eachother. She thought about how she got to be so lucky to be with him forever. And how he made her feel like the most important girl in the world.

It was time to leave the park. They arrived home around 5:30. He prepared a wonderful, romantic, candlelit dinner. After they finished eating it was 7:00 pm. She looked at him dreamy across the small, round table. "Babe I love you, I'm so in love with you and you made this day so wonderful for me, I loved it. Thank you" He got up and walked slowly to her, and kneeled down on one knee and looked in her eyes saying, "Grace, you make the happiest man in the world. I love you, and I have for nine years. You mean everything to me and your the most beautiful girl in the world. I will spend the rest of my lifw with you and.." She stood up and so did he. "I'll make sure you always feel like the most important and luckiest girl." She put her hand on his face and just gave him a sweet gaze, as well as he did. She kissed him, a light soft peck, and he picked her up and they started kissing peck after peck, quick ones, which led to passinate kisses. He whispered in her ear, "Sweetie the day isn't over. I'm gonna go check the mail. I left you something in the microwave. I'll be back." She didn't think about how weird it was that he was checking the mail at 8 at night, she just looked in the microwave as he asked.

She quickly opened the microwave and saw a card in there. It read, "My love go outside and follow the red rose petals. I love you." Anxiously she went outside and saw rose petals starting at the door step. Grace followed them until she reached Matthew. The petals went all the way to the back of the house on the hill. He had a blanket laid out on the ground and a tiki torch in the ground for light and he said, "Do you remember when I was 15 and you told me on our one year anniversary you wanted to watch the stars that night. Not even an inch apart. Well sweetheart its that night." She was shocked he remembered, she didnt even remember until he told her that. "Matthew! You remembered!" She jumped into his arms and kissed him. Then he put her down and they laid down right next to eachother, not even an inch apart and he kept telling her he loves her, and she did the same. They looked at the stars and it was quiet for a bit. She thought to herself how great it is and how in love she is, he did the same and they smiled because of their great thoughts. Then she laid on her side and said, "What are you thinking of?" He got on his side too and said, "Just you." He kissed her and said, "I love you." And she said, "Mmm just keep kissing me." So he did so. And then she pulled away after awhile and they just stared into eachothers eyes. And she said, "Matthew, why do you love me?" He replied, "Grace I love you because, when I've had a hard day at work you make it all better when I get home. You can just me happy when I'm feeling the worse. And you make me laugh and smile more than anyone I know. You love to joke around, yet you know when to be serious. You like to workout our problems right away. And you know when to just let me have time alone. You know me so well, probably better than anyone. And babe when I'm with you I feel like the luckiest man in world. And I know that I am. And when I'm with you I get this great feeling inside, a magical feeling. Your hugs are the best hugs and you were my first kiss, and the only girl I have ever kissed and the only girl I will ever kiss. Your kisses are just a sweet touch to my lips. Grace I could just go on and on. There's so many reasons why I love you." He right then kissed her and said, "Grace just keep kissing me." She smiled and said, "Okay but only because I loved your answer for why you love me." They both giggled and he said, "Yea but it wasn't just an answer it was the truth." Then she smiled once more and started kissing him. She put her hand on his face as she always did when she kissed him passionatly. Then he said, "Grace your kisses, I just love them so much. Kiss me so more, maybe I'll love them even more." She laughed and said, "Noo you can handle not kissing me for awhile." And he said, "Please. I can't. Your lips are just attracting mine." They both shared a laugh and she said, "Fine, just because I'm nice." Then after their kiss they looked at the stars some more. And just started talking about flashbacks when they were younger. She lifted her head so he could put his arm around her. When he did so, he pulled her close to him and she could feel his breath on her face. He said, "Grace, be with me forever. Til the day I die." "Matthew, my love, I will be with you forever. Forever and for always, jusst like our song." "Grace, sweetheart, you make me have great feelings that I love. And even just thinking about our kisses I get that same amazing feeling inside. I know your the only one for me, and forever." "Well lets see if you get that same great feeling." She kissed him, soft and slow. "Ooo Grace you just got those great lips that can make me get that feeling, even with a fast, single peck." They kept being romantically sweet to eachother.

They stayed out there until about 11:30 pm, and then they headed inside and watched the movie they both fell in love with, The Notebook. As they were watching it she grew tired. Grace laid her head on his shoulder and fell asleep. He often kissed her lips and she woke up for about a second and smiled. Then when the movie was over he carried her to bed and on the way to their bedroom he kissed her sweet soft lips until she woke up. When Grace awoke she said "I love you my love" they got to their room and he laid her there. And he told her "Good night sweetheart I had a great day with you, I love you." Then, he kissed her and she said, "Good night I love you."

Once he laid her down she wasn't even too tired. About fifteen minutes passed by and she said, "Matthew?" To see if he was awake. "Yes my love?" And turned over on her other side, and he did too so they could face eachother. Yet it was dark but they loved talking that way at night. And they talked about how great the day was. They kept saying I love you, sweet things and kissing. He kept pulling her closer and closer until she was right next to him. They kissed passionately until they fell asleep..

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