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Out on the Dock, Taylor: Chapter 1

January 16, 2011
By emmernemmer PLATINUM, Stockton, California
emmernemmer PLATINUM, Stockton, California
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We were out on the dock, standing on the edge.

I remember almost falling, and him grabbing my hand, pulling me close and in no danger of falling in. For what seemed like eternity we just stared at each other, our faces only inches apart.

If I had looked out of the corner of my eye I would have seen my brother, Percy, rounding the curve and heading in our direction, just realizing what we were doing.

But Nico and I just stood there, inches apart, me in a dreamlike state. As I brushed a piece of his jet black hair out of his eyes, he kissed me, or I kissed him, but more correctly, we kissed each other. We kissed until we heard a voice that made my blood run cold in fear and realization.

“What the h*** are you two doing!” It was Percy. His voice was half growl, half straining not to yell.

We broke apart. I stumbled a little. Then again on the edge of the dock not realizing it was so close. But, I steadied myself. I was now awake from my dream. I stuttered,

“Percy.” But he didn’t listen. I looked from Percy to Nico, then back again.

“Perce-” Nico tried but Percy cut him off.

“Taylor. Go. Now.” His voice was commanding. I turned to Nico but he was still glaring at Percy.

“Tay, just go.” His voice pleaded the tiniest bit possible.

I hurried off but his behind the nearest tree within earshot. As soon as Percy believed that I was gone, he began to yell.

“Why were you tonguing my sister! I thought you were my friend!” He was yelling so hard I couldn’t believe his face wasn’t red.

“I wasn’t tounging her! We kissed. We’re the same age. What’s the big deal!” Nico’s voice was a growl.

“Just lay off her. I don’t want you near her.” Percy started to walk away but Nico began to walk after him yelling,

“Why! Why do you even care!” Percy snapped around and yelled,

“Because she’s my younger sister! How am I supposed to feel!” His face was red now.

“It’s not like I was using her! We like each other!” Percy walked away and I hurried to the cabin I shared with Percy (the camp organized us by group).

I was able to act natural when he stormed in. he pointed at me. When he said,

“Why! Why can’t I!” I had lost it, “I really like him!” With tears in my eyes I ran started to run out of the cabin but Percy grabbed my arm.

“I have my reasons.” His voice was hard but kind. I ran out of the cabin.

I saw Nico up the path and I ran to him and when he didn’t stop I ran in front of him.

“Nico.”I was breathing hard. He barely made eye contact, he looked hurt.

“After what your brother said, do you regret it?” He asked his eyes searching my face for a clue.

“What part?” My voice was barely a whisper as I tried to understand.

“The kiss, the feeling.” Over his shoulder I saw Percy standing on the cabin’s porch. I felt like I had to cry.

“Nico...” My voice trailed off in confusion. My voice pleaded. He nodded grimly.

“I understand. We’ll just pretend we never liked each other. The kiss will never have happened.” He brushed past me and walked away. I turned away from Percy and the cabin and ran to a grove of trees nearby. Once I sat down I curled up in a ball, and cried.

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