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Only One

January 16, 2011
By Kristine PLATINUM, Edmond, Oklahoma
Kristine PLATINUM, Edmond, Oklahoma
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It’s just too bad. It’s just too bad. Anyone would agree. Anyone would agree unless they didn’t see the beauty in them. Angelie was one of those girls. The kind that was beginning to break from her shell throughout her high school years. She wasn’t the most popular but she was very, very pretty. She had long, long wavy blonde hair. She was madly in love with a boy.

This boy, Taler, was adorable and the type every girl dreamed of; muscular football player, tall, and blonde. The only problem was that he was a little shy.

I was probably the only one in the entire world that noticed how Angelie loved Taler. I could see it in her eyes though. I could see it. It was there.

And I bet I was the only one who also noticed how Taler would glance at Angelie and how he would blush. I was the only one.

Freshman and Sophomore year I watched them, but it was always the same thing. They were stuck in a rut, the same song playing over and over again.

Everyday, Junior year, I would see them talking in the hall. I was so close to going over there and ordering Taler to ask Angelie to the Fall Formal Dance. I didn’t, so that Saturday night they both sat at home alone.

I felt terrible. Like this was my problem. I’m nobody’s matchmaker. But then why was I feeling so guilty? I told myself I’d come up with a plan.

Senior year came; no plan. I could see how much their relationship had grown: very little. Very little in some ways, but huge in other ways. Small because they hadn’t actually gotten anywhere. No dates, no phone calls, maybe a text here and a text there but overall, just the chat by the lockers. But it was huge because I could see their love for each other had grown. They truly loved each other. Not like the other kids who would date a few months and move on. But Angelie and Taler were destined to be companions for eternity.

It was gone. High School was over. They could have gotten together. But they didn’t and never would now. It was too late. It was my fault. Why me? Maybe because I was the only one who knew they loved each other. They themselves didn’t even know it; that the other one loved them back. But I did. I knew. I was the only one.

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