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Invisible Magic.

December 4, 2010
By stephie95 PLATINUM, Tripoli, Other
stephie95 PLATINUM, Tripoli, Other
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Derek Edwards, the newest student in our school. Everyone seemed to know everything about him, they said he was so hot, tall, beautiful thick hair, somehow pale, grayish eyes and beautiful lips. Well that was what I heard, repeatedly . But I didn’t hear anything about, whether he was good at school, good grades, a sports player. All I heard, were things about his looks. I didn’t expect much about him, well after all the most important thing in a man, the most important thing I seek for, is his ability to capture my heart. Not necessarily as love, but at least as friendship. Well after what I heard, I guess he is simply shallow. So Derek Edwards , is simply out of my 'boys to look up to' list.
It was Monday , the day all the girls in the school were waiting for. As usual Trisha passed by and took me in her red Volvo, on the way all she talked about was Derek Edwards. Repeating the same words "he is hot" over and over again, finally I yelled and told her "Trisha, remember you have a boyfriend, Fred, ok?!". She took a deep breath and said "right, I was just describing him for you."
I smiled and told her "why? Do you see me so interested", she was surprised but didn’t say anything, she concentrated on the road. And finally we reached school, Trisha parked he car in the usual place, and we went down. As the school bell rang, everyone entered to their class, I had English.
As I entered, I sat in my usual seat. And after about ten minutes from the beginning of the class, the principal entered and introduced Derek Edwards. I was writing something on my copybook, so I slowly raised my head and my eye spotted his, he didn’t look anything like I expected. He didn’t seem shallow, I could feel there was something special about him from his eyes, he saw me staring at him but he didn’t mind. While all the other girls eyes were on Derek, Derek's eyes were on me.
For seconds I was in a state of trance , was this person real? Was he really staring into my eyes, gazing through? He is an angel sent from above, there is no man on the planet earth as beautiful as he is, his eyes are a library of stories. His lips, well I have to experience them first, but they do seem watery. He is in one word , beautiful, and he has captured my heart.
I suddenly woke myself up, I shook my head and tried to avoid staring at him, but while the principal was talking, I tried to stare at him with the corner of my eye, and noticed he was staring at me.
These minutes, of simply staring seemed like a year, a decade, a millennia. When the principal was done introducing him, he started walking toward me, toward the last seat in the corner, and sat beside me. Beside me, right now all the girls will be wishing that they had agreed to sit in the corner when the teacher asked.
The teacher started explaining the lesson, still with the corner of my eye I was staring at Derek, at the beauty beside me, and so was he. But not with the corner of his eyes, his head was faced at me, and so were his eyes.
He spent the whole hour staring, but why? I asked myself, I should be the one staring. When the bell rang, and it was time to leave the class, to go to biology. Derek stood in front of me and said "hey I am Derek", I looked at him and said "I know", he smiled and said "well what is your name?".
I wanted to tell him my name to fall into his arms but I had to play hard to get, so I said "I have a class.". he smiled took the books from my hand and said "well I'll walk you to your class while you tell me your name". I looked at him, and felt my eyes shine with happiness and said "my name is Jody Dixon.".
He lead the way, and as we were walking to class, all the girls around us were staring and of course envying me, envying this moment. On the way, we talked , this was the first time I talked to a boy like this, the first time in my life I felt safe while talking. I felt protected, although we didn’t talk about important things, about classes and family but I still felt safe.
When we reached class, he stood by the door and said "wait for me when you leave the class, I'll be here, ok. Promise", I smiled and said "I promise".
Trisha was staring from her seat and when I reached and sat beside her she said "I thought, he was shallow and you weren’t interested", I smiled and told her what happened , while Mr. George was yelling on students who didn’t do their homework.
The bell rang and as I was leaving the biology class, he was waiting by the door. He gazed into my eyes and shook his head, I walked slowly toward him , and said "you are here so quickly, how ?", he smiled and said "that’s my specialty". He took my books also and asked me "to where now?", I smiled and said "MATH". He nodded his head, and followed me this time, not knowing where the math class is. Most probably he missed it in the tour, he had math too. As we reached we were late about five minutes, lost in talking and gazing into each others eyes. As we entered the class, all the girls were in shock, and most probably disappointment after seeing Derek holding my books and bag. They felt more sad when he pushed the chair for me to slide in and sat beside me.
The day continued like this, when I had a class with him or didn’t he came over and walked me to the class. At lunch, when I was about to sit with my friends, he took my hand and lead me toward an empty table. As we sat I looked at him and said "why?", he smiled and said "I'd like to sit alone with you, if you don’t mine".
After a minute of silence, he asked me "do you have a boyfriend?", I replied simply no. He smiled and said "thank god, that means I wont get bitten today". We both laughed silently and continued staring into each others eyes.
When it was time to go home, he didn’t let me go with Trisha, instead he held my hand as he was doing for the past hours and took me to his car. Black porch, he seemed rich from his car. He opened the passenger door for me , and helped me in.
As the car started moving , he asked "must you go home directly?", I said no. After I said no, he increased his speed. After about thirty minutes in the car, and no talking just muse singing, we reached a place, I haven’t seen before. And I couldn’t even know how we reached there, he was so fast.
We reached a garden, a huge one, a meadow. It was amazing, where ever you looked all you could see was the colour green, and violet , mostly violet. He held my hand , and took me out of the car and we started walking. As we were walking, I stopped him and asked him "why did you bring me here?", he smiled and said "I brought you here, because I only bring special people here, and you are special".
"how do you know that?", I asked him. He smiled and said "I just do…". He then said "lets go and sit in the shade, and love me without thinking". I was amazed by his words, by the beauty of his voice, of the way his lips moved. We laid on the green grass, underneath a wide green tree. We sat there, staring into each others eyes.
I don’t know him, and he doesn’t know me too. But it is relaxing, it is comforting to stare into his eyes, to stare and keep staring. Suddenly I felt his hand on my cheek, he started feeling me. His hand moved from my cheek , to my forehand and then to my hair. He untied it and started playing with my hair, playing and smelling it. And I was staring into his eyes.
While his left hand was playing with my hair, his right hand held mine, and then suddenly I felt his left hand push my head forward, and so did he. We moved slowly toward each other, his lips were shining under the sunshine. I kept staring at his lips but suddenly I couldn’t see them, I could only feel them. I felt his lips on mine, his watery lips. He kissed me, the best kiss ever.
He then removed his lips and looked at me with his glowing eyes and said "I know this is the first day we've met, and I know this is weird but it feels as if I had known you for years. ", I smiled and said "I feel the same way too", and then smiled again and said "leave the conversations for later and kiss me one more time". He did, he kissed me one more time, with more feelings and emotions this time…
After about an hour of just sitting on the grass, staring into each others eyes and kissing each other. I smiled and asked him "how do you think this happened?". He squeezed my hand and said "it is invisible magic."

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