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Summer Full Of Lemonade: Chapter 2

November 13, 2010
By emmernemmer PLATINUM, Stockton, California
emmernemmer PLATINUM, Stockton, California
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Chapter two

I woke up late that night on the window seat. How did I get here. I sat up and looked over at Liam. He was reading on the folding bed. I looked at the blanket over me and wondered. I couldn’t have gotten here by myself how did I get here?

“Oh your up.” Liam said.

“Ya how did I get from the chair to here?”

“I carried you.” He turned a page.

“Oh. You could lift me?”

“Your not that heavy.” He looked up smiling at me.

“Ya I guess. Thanks.”

“Your welcome.” He smiled again and turned back to his book.

“Whatcha reading?”

“To Kill a Mocking Bird.”


“Ya.” I laid down again.

“You can see the river from here. It’s a beautiful night.” I said looking out the window.

“You can. I’ve seen more beautiful things though.” He said walking over to the window.

“Like what?” He shrugged at the question.


“Like what?” I asked again.


“What kind of people?”


“Anyone in particular?”




“That’s so clear.”

“I don’t have to be clear.”

“To me you do.”

“Too bad.” He smiled a cocky smile.

“Your not nice.”

“Who says I have to be nice?”


“Since when do I listen to you?”

“I don’t know.”

“My point exactly.”

“I’m going to sleep.”

“Fine then.” I fell asleep that night with him standing behind me smiling looking out the window thinking of his mystery girl. Soon I would discover her identity. At least I hope I would.

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