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The Soldier

July 2, 2010
By KandiceMichelle PLATINUM, Stansonburg, North Carolina
KandiceMichelle PLATINUM, Stansonburg, North Carolina
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"Yet God has made everything BEAUTIFUL for its own time. He has planted ETERNITY in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God's work from beginning to end." -Ecclesiastes 3:11

"Where's he at?" asks my sister, Misty, as we wait at the airport for my boyfriend and best friend Dylan. Dylan had gone off to Iraq for a few months and when he came back, he said we were going to get married.

"I don't know Misty, be patient. He could be looking for us." I say defensivly as I look around and see everyone being reunited with eachother and I started to worry. Ever since we were 15, Dylan has been in the family. He's spent countless nights at my house, sleeping on the couch. You see, he was and orphan and living in a group home, so my family took him in as one of there own and we eventully grew on each other.

"Yeah Misty, just be patient and besides he could be talking to a captin." says my mom, Makenzie, as we wait at the gate.

"Good point, but he still needs to hurry up." says Misty impatiently. I roll my eyes and begin to look around again. Even though we were only 19, we wanted to get married and I knew he didn't want to wait much longer because he next deployment could be his last. I was going to UNC Chapel Hill to Major in Journalism.

"Besides, me and him have to have a talk." says my dad, Johnathan, with a knowing look on his face. I roll my eyes again, when I turn my attention back to the crowd, I see him walking torwards me with a big smile. I smile and run up to him then jump in his arms.

"Oh my god, I missed you!" I say as he lifts me in the air with a hug. I pull away and give him a big kiss.

"I missed those kisses, I missed you." he says quietly giving me another kiss.

"Come on, can't this wait till we get home." says Misty impatiently. Our parents hit her arm, and tell her to shut up.

"I agree, lets go." he says putting me down. I smile as I feel his arm snake around my waist and pull me closer to him. We walk outside and I see some of Dylan's old friends named Jessie and Travis.

"Dude, you two are still together?" says Travis when Dylan stops us to talk to them for a minute.

"Yeah, why?" asks Dylan as I see Jessie staring at me with creepy eyes. I scoot a little behind Dylan, and hold his hand tight.

"No reason, I never expected you two to be together this long." he replies not noticing Jessie. Dylan looks at Jessie with a look that meant stay away from her.

"Yeah, how's your girlfriend?" asks Dylan looking back at Travis. Jessie looks back at me with creepy eyes, making me zip up my coat more.

"Good, I proposed before we left, and we are getting married in June." smiles Travis with wide, dreamy eyes.

"Dang, that's kinda soon ain't it?" says Dylan putting his arm around my waist, and rubbing his hands on my sides. I rest my hands on his shoulder and lay my head on them.

"Yeah, well she's pregnat so we decided to speed things up some." smiles Travis. Both me and Dylan's mouths drop.

"No way, that's great." I say with a big smile.

"Yeah, but I'm kinda nervous." he admits rubbing the back of his head. Jessie begins to look a bit jumpy and antsy.

"Don't worry, you'll be a good dad." I say nudging his shoulder lightly. He smiles bashfully, and looks at me and Dylan for a moment.

"You two would make good parents too." he says quietly. Dylan blushes a bit, and looks down at me softly.

"I bet we would." says Dylan kissing me gentley. Travis smiles, and looks at Jessie, who was now wearing a kill face.

"Dude, what's wrong with you?" asks Travis with a freaked out expression.

"Nothing." says Jessie pushing past Travis, and walking torwards me and Dylan.

"Sophie." says Jessie with a stern voice, like my dad when I did something wrong.

"What?" I say softly as me and Dylan turn around to see Jessie walking torwards us.

"Why him? He comes from a group home, nothing compared to your elegant life." says Jessie stopping about 6 feet away from us.

"Because he makes me happy, and I love him." I says shocked at the question. I feel Dylan's muscles tense up very stern. I knew this wasn't good.

"Why? You could do so much better." says Jessie looking at Dylan with pleading eyes.

"I probably could, but I don't need anymore, he's all I ask for." I say turning me and Dylan around and walking away. We soon get in my ford mustang and pull out of the parking lot.

"Did you mean what you said about me?" he asks after we pull out of the parking lot.

"Yes, I meant it 100 percent." I say as we stop at the stop light.

"I love you." he says taking my hand, and kissing my cheek.

"I love you too." I reply holding his hand tightly.

"And where in the world did you learn to tense up like that." I ask smiling as I drive down the road.

"When I met you." he says quietly. I look at him for a moment and smile.

"You want to go somewhere nice." I ask.

"Yeah, but where?" he asks sweetly.

"The lake?" I sugguest as we pass Falls Lake.

"Sure." he says. I turn in the turning lane to go to Falls Lake. The sun was setting over the horizon of the lake, and it was perfect. We park the car and sit on the dock.

"Sophie?" he says getting down on his knee, and reaching for something in his pocket.

"Yeah?" I say as he takes my hand. I feel a slight tear going down my cheek as he chokes up the courage to pop the question.

"Will you marry me?" he asks with his trembling hands holding my hand. The ring was silve rwith a baby blue stone in the middle of it. I get on my knees too and wrap my arms around his neck.

"Yes." I say looking in his eyes. He takes the ring and puts it on my finger. We look back up at each other and kiss. It seems like one of those moments when nothing can go wrong, and for a while nothing did.

The author's comments:
My insparation was my cousin who just got back from Iraq, and purposed to his girlfriend.

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