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My Ideal Guy

June 2, 2010
By MarinaOreo GOLD, King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania
MarinaOreo GOLD, King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania
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"Your soul is the whole world" -Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

Well, my ideal guy is someone who is patient. Patient when it comes to seeing each other again because I can’t always go out whenever I want to see him. Patient when I have to finish a project or some ridiculous assignment that is due the next day. Patient when it comes to sex. My ideal guy would love my family even though they can be a little ..out there. He would like my friends and respect them as much as he respects me, and if I have free time and want to hang out with him, he won’t take offense and will want to schedule another time to see me. My guy would love my distinct style and my dual personality. He would still love me even though I can be stressful and impatient at times. He would understand that I have had big dreams since before I had met him and I am not giving them up. He would know that the caring person in me would never stop looking out for him and he would be appreciative. My ideal guy would know that I’ve had emotional problems in the past before and be supportive of my journey through recovery. He would shower me in kisses and tell me he loves me all the time even though he knows I don’t need to hear it every second, and that I know he means it when he says it. My ideal guy is someone who is honest with me and can tell me what’s wrong when something is up. He will be my shoulder to cry on and someone with a positive attitude to cheer me up when I am sad [which is a lot of the time and if not, I'm working my butt off to be happy.] My ideal guy will understand that I am not social-able like most teenagers and that I love to read. He will understand that I am a bookworm and surprise me by taking me to Barnes & Noble. <3 My guy will know that I play the violin and I am very in-tuned with music and it runs through my veins; he will have to love music as well. He’ll love when I share new bands I found and songs that I currently obsess over. My guy will look at me with that look…the one where he’s saying “You are so beautiful…” without even saying a word. I want my guy to know that I don’t care what religion he is and that I want him to respect mine though and my beliefs as well. My ideal guy will know that family is very important and that loving each other’s families is very important for our relationship to go on. And if there is a bit of an age gap between us, I want him to look at me like there is nothing separating us but the air we breathe. My guy will do well in school and appreciate the ability to learn and not slack off. When I’m with him, he will know that I don’t care what we do and that I just want to hold his hand; and when I hold his hand he will know that our hands fit together for a reason. My ideal guy would do something to show he loves, which is a pretty general way to say it but it can range from anything…love letters, songs…My guy will know that I am a chocoholic and that Hershey’s Special Dark is my favorite cheap guilty pleasure…but I also love Lindt truffles. My ideal guy won’t be the kind of guy who just thinks of this as a fling or something short, but as something special and possibly long-term. I want him to be open-minded and someone who respect me and loves me when I’m with him, as well as when I’m not with him. I want him to think long-term and to know that I am always thinking about the future and that the future could always hold him in it. I want him to be himself most of all because a liar and a cheat is something that my heart can’t handle anymore. If he is himself, then I just might fall in love with him…but he needs to know two people make up a relationship. If we fight, my ideal guy will know that while we’re fighting, I love him more than anything at that moment and I really just want a hug. And when I finally get that hug, he knows that that’s where I want to be for the night and I don’t want him to move. My ideal guy will have to understand that I’m not perfect or beautiful and I don’t have the exhilarating eyes to draw him in, but I have the ability to love him more than anything if I put my heart up to the plate. He will know that when I say ‘I love you’, I mean it with every cell in my body and that when I die and move on, I will find him again. l My ideal guy is someone who truly loves me….and knows what love really means.

The author's comments:
So, my best friend wanted me to write what i think of as my ideal guy. Well, don’t be shocked, but he doesn’t exist! Just kidding..

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