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Your Virgin Ears

April 24, 2010
By brietle BRONZE, Levittown, New York
brietle BRONZE, Levittown, New York
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"Farewells can be shattering, but returns are surely worse. Solid flesh can never live up to the bright shadow cast by its absence."

We sat under the stone awning of the front stoop listening to the storm raging ahead of us. It was as dark as it gets, but light flashed on and off from the sudden bolts of lightening thrashing in the sky. My mind wouldn’t stop racing as I searched for the right words. Could this be why you sensed a secret? I watched as you dropped your head down. The hard stone below us suddenly became more important than our conversation. I couldn’t tell if the water streaming down your face was the rain or your tears. My head, along with my heart, dropped next after my realization. I hated when you cried, I hated that I could never fix it. How something was always still broken inside. You knew that I thought this, but we never spoke of it. Lightening flashed and I saw your head in your hands.

The storm continued its dance for the rest of the night that we stayed there with nothing but the silence that somehow spoke so many words. There was so much I could have said, that I wanted to say. Like how much I loved the fact that I was the inspiration for your art, and how all of the other amazing things you’ve done have been so important to everyone around you. I wanted mostly though for you to know that I cared. And sitting against the wooden door listening to the wind and our silence showed exactly how much I did. With every boom of thunder, I felt water in my eyes.

I needed you, I needed your trust, I needed your friendship. I couldn’t lie to you; I couldn’t keep any secrets. I knew this and I wouldn’t hold it to myself any longer. In the midst of the rain, I turned to you and threw my soaked arms around your neck. Your head stayed down, but your body stopped shaking. I felt the pain and anger that you held inside with every sharp breath you took. At that moment, I began to break. Loud cries of confusion escaped from the deepest chambers of my heart and flooded your virgin ears. This was the first time you heard me admit those words you already knew out of my own mouth…

The author's comments:
This is about telling my best friend a huge secret, and in the end, the reader is left to think of what exactly the secret is.

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foranious said...
on May. 10 2010 at 8:14 pm

What a wonderful story! Is this the tale of two friends or two lovers? Why is it called Virgin Ears?

I would like to read more stories by this author.