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Midnight Lullaby (Preface)

April 12, 2010
By autumn_meets_winter PLATINUM, Houma, Louisiana
autumn_meets_winter PLATINUM, Houma, Louisiana
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There was nothing around us to distract us from the passion floating through the air around our bodies, as if it was a warm blanket that was hiding our beings, our history, our love from the eyes of the outside world. I've heard many people in my lifetime tell me what it feelings like when you find that one person you’re destined to be with. They say your soul jumps when you first make eye contact; that you can't help but want to be with that person from that moment on. They said you feel like you have known the person your whole life even if you just met that person a few moments ago. When you first kiss that person, they say that fireworks go off in your body and you and that person will feel the love each have been hiding and both of your souls will never want you to part with that person. Forever until the earth ends. Now that I have experienced true love, I can say that, in special cases, that is the exact opposite of what happens when you meet that person in your life.

When I first saw him in the halls of school on my first day, I hated his guts for no apparent reason besides the fact that he looked at everyone I talked to with so much possessiveness that I wanted to slap him across my face. When I first looked him in the eyes, I glared at him and felt my stomach drop like it was a big disappointment to let him into my life. When we first kissed each other by the lake deep in the woods under the cover of night, I wanted to claw his eyes out because I thought he was forcing himself on me; all I wanted to do was get as far away from him as God would let me. I wanted to hate him until my death came and continue to hate him in the after life, if there was some place that God has for me after this life in heaven.

Instead I let the wrong person into my heart and almost got him killed in the process. But now all of my worries were flushed out of my mind as I stayed in his embrace, fitting my body perfectly with his. I liked how we fitted together just like a piece of broken heart. His arms tightened around me as we heard a commotion starting in the distance with a large amount of people. My little piece of heaven on earth came crashing down as the outsiders quickly approached where we were. I looked up at his beautiful face in a desperate plea for him to take us away from here so we could be together alone again. Just us two. His perfectly almond-shaped, golden brown eyes met mine steadily with nothing in them but love, caring, and a little streak of sadness. My heart suddenly fell into my stomach at the sight of him being smothered in sorrow. I cupped his face in my hand gently and brought him down to me. Once again, I felt that perfect isolation from before surround us. The people from before could not be heard in my ears but I felt that they were still coming and would take me away from him. Sadness filled me at the thought of being ripped from his arms again. We stood there just gazing into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity, me willing us to feel nothing but love and compassion. Depression still hung in the air when he broke the silence. “Run,” he breathed for only my ears to hear. I answered back almost immediately.

“No.” He grunted in frustration at my refusal.

“You have to leave me here. I can only hold them back so long for you to escape. I won't let them take you to him. Not again. Not ever again.” He nudged me away from him, but I held on tighter to his bare chest.

“I'm not leaving to be killed. If you stay then so will I. If you fight then I will fight by your side with you. If you die I will die with you in my arms. It took me to long to figure out what you meant to me. It took me to long to find you. I'm not going.” Slowly, we moved closer to each others' faces. My heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest when his lips brushed against mine. His lips alone could make me beg on my knees for me to kiss him again and again.
And again. But it wasn't anything compared to when he captured my lips full on, the kiss being driven by both of our passion. He was everything I could ever ask of God and more. He protected me when I was scared. He held me tightly when I needed to cry on someone's shoulder. He made me laugh when all I wanted was to lay alone in the dark. I didn't deserve him no matter what I did in this life. I didn't deserve his kisses or love. He never asked to have this kind of life, but here we were, running for our immortal lives because of me. Maybe I should have just pushed him away before he got too deep into my life, but he would still be here with me during this chaos this world has created.

I was suddenly pulled away from his arms by armed men in iron suites that looked like what Greeks wore thousands of years ago. They swarmed over his body until I could see him no longer. I tried to break away from the soldier holding me back. Instead of getting away, he restrained me from farther motion of my body, so I stood there and watched as my lover fought off the dozen of soldiers that were stabbing him with swords and knives and spears. He cried out in pain many times while I tried to fight my way out of the soldier arms so I could go to him. He needed me now. He was dying right in front of my eyes when there was so much I didn't get to say to him.

“Run now!” he yelled to me as he threw one of the men at another then took on the one right behind him.

I answered with a strong “No!” that made some of the men's attention turn to me. I was more or so yelling at the soldiers fighting than answering his command. I picked up a fallen dagger by my feet and began to thrust it into their backs to get to him. Anger took control and dominated every other emotion running through my body and heart. I hated these men for trying to take him out of my life and taking me out of the wonderful paradise that I worked so hard to build up around myself and the people I loved just so they could bring me to that monster that claimed to love me. He just used that as an excuse to kill his way to victory.

I flew into his arms when I got the center of the small circle of armored men. Tears poured down my checks as he tightened his arm protectively around me to shield me of all of the weapons that were still being thrown at him. He looked at me grimly at my small attempt to be strong in battle. “Why didn't you go?” I was taken back again as another man pulled me back so he could fight him. I cried out like I was in horrible pain. And I was. I felt as if my soul and heart were being ripped apart from his then stepped on over and over until it was part of the earth again.

“Because, Richard, you moron, I love you too much to let anything happen to you.” I knew he couldn't hear me. There was too much chaos going around us for us to hear each other. I stood there, so numb that I couldn't even move my arm out to grab Richard's.

Then his voice cut through me like a razor on skin. He was the one person in the world that I really hated. There was never a word that some up hatred, obsession, violence, heartless, and selfish until I met that man. His smile was more like a sneer of the war he thought he was winning for my heart. Everything he did only made me hate him more. “I never thought I would live long enough to see him fall right before my eyes. Wonderful, just wonderful. And his love gets to witness this fantastic moment in history.” Shawn pulled me into his arms while the soldiers parted to reveal a crumpled Richard on the ground barely able to breathe in and out; he was no doubt a broken, battered mess with blood coating his entire body. I was too stunned at his condition to do anything. Shawn let go of me to walk closer to Richard’s fallen frame. “I will remember this day for the rest of my life. So will my children, my children's children and the rest of my family. Not only do I get to watch you slowly slip into your death, but in your last moments of life, you will see me walk off into the sunset with Marie in my arms.” He kicked some dirt into Richard's face so he was lost in a fit of coughs. Shawn turned back to me, his lips twitching into a smile. “Let us leave the horrid place.” He gently took my hand leading me away from Richard.

I looked over my shoulder just to hear Richard say, “I will get you out of this, Marie. I will never let you live a lie.” My eyes started to sting as the meaning of his words sunk into my head.

I pathetically gazed back at him promising to get him out of this nightmare our lives were turning into. “I love you. I always love you and only you. Forever......”

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on Apr. 25 2010 at 5:50 pm
LoveHappens PLATINUM, London, Other
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"Dream Like You'd Die Tomorrow"

You have a really intriguing story. There are only a few run-on sentences and grammatical errors. Besides that, you have amazing potential and you speak from the soul. Great work :D