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Consequences (Chapter Three)

April 6, 2010
By Manningurl1010 GOLD, Round Lake, Illinois
Manningurl1010 GOLD, Round Lake, Illinois
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"When no effort is put towards something, wish away all dreams of ever accomplishing it."

His hands were cold, his lips turning blue.

"Hold on! Somebody help!"

My voice carried in the emptiness of the desert, but no one was around to answer it.

"I don't have much longer," he whispered, tears falling down his cheeks.

I held mine back, unable to accept these were our final moments together.

"Hold on Kent. Trust me, it will all be alright."

He laughed, though it was pained and pathetic. His breathing was now forced, and I could see the pain in his eyes, though he would never admit to it.

"The sun'll come out, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow..." I sang, tears finally penetrating.

"You always had the most beautiful voice." He whispered, looking off to the distance.

"I love you." I whispered into his ear, my tears falling into his hair.

He smiled, the kind that makes me cry more, for I can't believe I was lucky enough to be with someone like him.

"I wanted to marry you, but it's too late now," he sighed, his final breaths close now.

I shook my head, pulling him closer to myself. "I do," I said, trying to smile but pretty confident it was a grimace.

He laughed, and took his last breath, right in my arms.

"Amber! Hunny get up! We have about thirty minutes before the interior designer arrives."

"Interior designer? Does Henry know about this?"

I opened my eyes, immediately shutting them again as the light was too bright.

I sat up, finding Cam near the foot of the bed, fully dressed and talking on the phone while preparing my shower and setting clothes out.

"Henry is at the furniture store, picking up two couches I told him would look great with my living room color scheme," she said, frustrated for being on hold. "Just, take a shower and get ready, He will be back any minute and you look like you haven't moved for two years."

I looked around, wondering how late I had slept. The sun was fully in the sky, and Pete now walked into the room, also fully bathed and dressed.

I assumed it was two o'clock.

"So I see you decided to get up," he laughed, sitting next to me.

"Hardly. How come you let me sleep so late?" I asked, slipping back into the warmth of the covers.

"Ah, I figured you didn't want to deal with Cam until it was absolutely necessary: I know that's how I am."

Cam, still on the phone, threw a pillow at him while sticking her tongue out.

He laughed and rolled his eyes, "Well, you better get up. Some amazing designer will be here in about twenty minutes, and if I know Cameron, she will never talk to you again if you greet him with matted hair and in your pajamas," he said, laughing to himself as he left the room.

I smiled, though my mind was elsewhere.

What was with that dream about Kent? Why did I keep having dreams like that?

The truth was, I had been having dreams like that ever since he died, but the death was different every night. Last night we were in a desert, but I remember the night before that I simply found him already dead. The fact that I wasn't there when he died, and never really knew for sure that he was dead, scared me, and so I had nightmares every night.

My house was almost done, after two years of preperation, but Cameron and Peter still refused to leave. I was currently engaged to Henry Hughes, but they refused to leave before the wedding.

Cameron, of course, was planning the entire thing, so again, I was left with nothing to do.

I took my shower and put on--unwillingly I might add--some fancy dress Cam picked out for me. I was just drying my hair when Henry walked in, placing his hands on my hips.

"Hi," he smiled, immediately removing his hands and taking a seat on the edge of the bathtub. "So, I heard you decided to sleep in today."

I smiled, looking at my reflection in the mirror. Were my teeth really that crooked?

"Mmm... I gues I was tired." I said, half-paying attention to our conversation.

"Well, the designer is downstairs, Cameron told me to come and get you."

He left without another word.

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Chapter Three:
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