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Foreign Love: Chapter 10

February 16, 2010
By JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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The movie was just so cute. I loved it and I think James did too! I was blowing my nose into a tissue and tears were streaming down my face. Well James seemed to like it but he wasn’t as sentimental as me. “That was so cute!” I managed to say as I kept blowing my nose and wiping my tears away.

“Ha, ha, ha yeah it was cute!” he replied while laughing. “What? I get sentimental over movies like that. That kind of love in movies doesn’t exist in real life!” I cried even more. “Sure it does, you just haven’t seen it” he said while wiping away one of my tears with his thumb. I looked up at him to see a serious face on his face. “Well I just don’t believe that!” I said. “Well I do” he said with a smile.

“Of course you do” I whispered while looking away. “Uh what is that supposed to mean?” he asked. Wow I guess he heard me! “Uh nothing. It didn’t mean anything!” I said while getting up. “If you say so!” he said while getting up too. “Uh where you going, bud? I’m going to the bathroom, you going to go in there with me?” I asked while crossing my arms and lifting my eyebrow. “Oh! Oops sorry I thought you were going somewhere else” he said while sitting back down. “So if I was going somewhere else you would still follow me?” I asked being amused. “Well you are still injured so I didn’t want something to happen” he said. “Well IF something did happen you could just run to me, you know!” I said while laughing and heading to the bathroom.

I went to the bathroom in my room and looked at myself. I had about five cuts on my face and probably ten on each arm. I looked bad. My black hair was all messed up. I need to take a shower because first I smelled like dirt and I needed to cleanse my cuts.

I slipped off my clothes and tossed them in the hamper and got into the shower. I was taking a hot shower for about fifteen minutes and the other fifteen I used cold water to soothe my bruises. I sprayed myself with some body spray and put on some lotion before slipping on my pj’s.

My pj’s had little dinosaurs on it. But not the little kid kind. The cool dinosaur cartoon kind. You know those cute little one’s that always smile, not the one’s that have weird skin and always are with their mouth open. I brushed my black hair back into a ponytail and headed downstairs.

When I was at the foot of the stairs I found Rick standing at the door. “Rick what are you doing here?” I asked. “Well I heard about the accident on the local news. I was worried even though they said you weren’t injured that bad.” “Aw how sweet thanks Rick! Well I’m fine just a few cuts and my head isn’t hurting that bad anymore. And besides I could have been dead if it weren’t for James here. He saved my life!” I said, thanking James again for saving my life. “Wow really, cool. Thanks man you saved my best friend’s life!” Rick said while offering his hand for James to shake.

“You’re quite welcome, Rick. It was my pleasure” James said while shaking Rick’s hand. “Cool you’re a Brit man, aren’t ya?” he asked. “Yup!” he replied. “Well James this is Rick my best friend since kindergarten and friends ever since!” I said. “Wow that’s great that you two have been friends for so long!” James said with his breath-taking smile. “Definitely” we answered together.

Then there was an awkward silence between all three of us. “Can I see those cuts of yours?” Rick asked. “Sure” I said. I looked back at James just before Rick started walking to me. He looked kind of mad and sad at the same time. Rick came up to me and gently touched each and every one of my cuts. He looked me straight in the eyes and smiled. He touched all of them again and lightly kissed the biggest one on my face. I looked over at James as Rick kissed my cut. He looked really hurt. He turned his face away from me and looked at the floor.

I pulled myself away from Rick. He was kind of shocked. He dropped his mouth open. I knew he was my best friend but at the moment I didn’t care. He was treating me like something more than a friend and I didn’t like that.

“Well let’s do something” I said while stepping away even further. He was still in complete shock but he said “Yeah sure” while rolling his eyes. Rick sat on the love seat and looked away to the wall still shocked. James looked over at me as he saw Rick’s face. I smiled at him hoping he would show me his smile that I loved. As I wished in my head he smiled.

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