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the memory of your love part 1

February 15, 2010
By rose58 SILVER, Lawrence, Massachusetts
rose58 SILVER, Lawrence, Massachusetts
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love is a battlefield

Love, love it`s all we ever think about.
“When will you come back?”
“Soon melony, soon”
Month past by and it`s been over a year, since you left. That photo lies on the shelf without even a bit of a glimpse. I miss him so much and yet he`s escaped from my mind. Watching your puppy reminds me of how we use to play with her, play Frisbee and shout “your it”. Flash back and tales of your childhood warms me up like cookies in a jar.
In Springdale, Cathy picks up the pieces by taking me to the park every Saturday. Just to play soccer or lie down while enjoying mama`s bake brownies from the oven.
“Melony, do you think the world is made up of legends”.
“I don’t know, but I guess it be good to give it a shot”.
Melony grabs a brownie from the plate and chews down the gooeyness, mama made just for me. The reason I love her brownies, she always fills it up with chocolate chips and marshmallows. As I told Cathy about my hopes of art, she giggled and said “well I hope to become the next great writer someday, unless I dedicate myself to poetry”.
“Well at least get out there”
“I can’t melony”
“Why not”
“it`s personal”.
Last time she said that word, it became tragic and depressing.
Back at home, I cuddle with my pillow hoping everything will be all right, holding the pedal of your love reminded me of our first dance at the ball.
On a Sunday, we headed out to this masquerade ball where everybody was festive. Green and red curtains hanged from the wall. The disco ball swirling like if it were a skating wrink. I wore a white dress with silver petals made out of gold and you wore this elegant suit that just shimmered from head to toe.
Every moment and every hour, you kept telling me theses words “the heart is pure but the love will never fade away”.
Soon after being hit by the spotlight, you kiss me and became the center of attention. I remember it well enough to say “I love you”.
That`s when you gave me a flower made up of silver and said “nothing I do, will ever break us up”.
In order to put the past behind, melony took everything he owned and tuck it in a box. No more will she remember the day, he abandon her, and no more will the tears be dripping down her eyes. We crave so much faith that things will never be the same.
The door bell rings and I see a woman dressed up so nicely, the curl`s on her hair couldn`t even keep it apart. “Mrs. melony”
She speaks “somebody sent you a packet”.
At the top it said “from Ben”. The butterfly’s in my stomach soon pop up like berry`s in a cone. I signed the paper and gently waved goodbye.
The box it came from so many places and in so little time. I take one piece of the cardboard and open it up very slowly without a moment to waste. A letter and a teddy bear is what I find.
The letter has a golden seal stamped
Dear melony
There is not a day in the moment; I could forget the pain I put you thru. Even though I am traveling right now, your image is all I need to survive.
How`s Cathy doing, has she been talking about me. By now, you must be angry at me but there`s a reason.
Just keep searching for the clues.
Your loving friend
He`s playing with my heart and what clues does he want me to find. Will I go in this journey of love or forget it ever happened. Melony stacks the first letter in a cabinet and reaches out for the teddy bear. While holding the teddy bear in her hands. A key fall`s out of the teddy bears hand.
She sees it and notice`s an engraved word, “melony, forgiveness or the past”.
Forgiveness and the past, that’s strange. One person always say`s you can never change the past.
The teddy bear, the message, is Ben trying to send me a sign. No he`s gone and so am I.
Terisia barks and lean`s on my foot, she must be missing Ben as much as I do. I lift her up and kiss her very softly. Gentle and sweet.
Baking a cake is all you need, as a recovery. Melony finish off her dessert with vanilla strawberry and dip of sprinkles melted on top. Before even dipping into the good side, Terisia lifted her paw and kneeled down for some sweet.
I couldn`t resist her temptation and her quirkiness to begin with. So melony slice down a piece and gave it to her. Terisia bit every bite of the cake and had frosting all over her nose. Before long, we both fell asleep in the living room couch all jumbled up while watching Dora la exploradora for fun.
The next morning, I found another box lying in front of my house.

Dear melony
Here is something you need to know, month past and I still keep your pin stuck to my chest. Remember how you always said “be true to yourself”. Well this might lighten your spirit.
Love Ben

The author's comments:
the truth is your love

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on Mar. 11 2010 at 5:14 pm
TheReader SILVER, Avon, Colorado
8 articles 0 photos 42 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Go for whatever you want, even if your friends aren't backing you up. "

Oh! Now I kind of get it.

rose58 SILVER said...
on Mar. 8 2010 at 2:32 pm
rose58 SILVER, Lawrence, Massachusetts
8 articles 6 photos 19 comments

Favorite Quote:
love is a battlefield

melony and cathy are best friends, ben is actually melony`s boyfriend the other melony is the girl from the past

The Reader! said...
on Mar. 8 2010 at 8:56 am
This was a good story, but just confusing. You switched from first person to third person and I couldn't tell what was going on. Like in the beginning I thought Meloney was a boy and Cathy and Melony were dating, but then this Ben person comes out of nowhere. I would just add more detail. But good work!