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*The Aburn Eclipse* (Part 8)

February 8, 2010
By JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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She saw him coming and covered herself with an old piece of newspaper. With a laugh he said “Ello there.” Selene tried changing her voice and said “Uh sorry I don’t talk to strangers.” “Oh really!?” he replied. He pulled away the newspaper from her face and saw that she was bright red.

She shrugged and covered her face with her hands. He just simply laughed, took her hands off her face and lifted her up. “It’s ok” he said while trying to soothe her. “No its not! Look at me I can’t look at you!” she screamed while looking at the floor. “Yes you can” he said while taking her chin and lifting her head up.

They stared into each others eyes again. They both smiled and hugged each other. “You see its all better again” he said. “Okay your right” she said while holding on to him even tighter. “That’s my girl!” he said while walking her back to her friends.

“So you feel better?” Calypso asked. “Yeah now I do” she replied while looking up at Mason and smiling. “Hey Mason did she tell you she’s skipping school after the Moon ceremony?” Skylar asked. “Uh no not really. When did you decide this?” he asked Selene. “Oh just this morning!” she said. “Hey could you guys let us talk for a little bit?” he asked Calypso and Skylar. “Yeah sure” they said while they started walking away.

“But why?” he asked her as they sat down on the bench. “I’m just still kind of tired and wanna just relax, that’s all” she said. “Well thinking about it I am feeling kind of tired too and maybe it would be good if I relaxed too” he said with his smile. “So you wanna skip too?” she asked. “Only if it’s with you” he said. With her snorts she said “Kay”. As he laughed he said “Kay” too. “By the way you look really hot today1” he said with a smile. “Thanks” she replied.

They walked hand-in-hand towards the entertainment center to where the Moon ceremony would be held. She told Mason she still had to change for the Moon ceremony so he waited right outside the bathroom. As she took off her ripped jeans the newspaper that she used to cover her face was in her pocket.

What’s this? She thought to herself. Oh it’s the newspaper from today! She thought. She picked it up from the ground and un-folded it. The head title said: Killers on the Loose! There have been reports on dead humans with two punctuation marks on the side of their necks with all their blood drained out laying life-less. So far there have been only two deaths but investigators say that there will be more. “We just need to find them and get more clues but we know that these deaths were caused by vampires” says the officer Luke S. Bell. They say that they will investigate the House of Moon because on the two corpses they have been scratched on their skin with the insignia of the school which is the Chinese symbol for Courage. More reports will be said after they have done more investigating.

“Oh my god!” she whispered. She than quickly put on her dress and her cloak over it and put her clothes in her bag and rushed out the door. “What’s the matter?” Mason asked in his accent. “Here read the head title on this newspaper” she said as she took the newspaper out of her pocket again and handed it to him.

“Oh my god!” he whispered. “Yeah!” she replied with a shocked look. “Don’t worry its not like we really did anything! So please calm down and relax. I’m sure it wasn’t any of us!” he said to her encouragingly. “I’m not sure I just have a bad feeling about this” she said. To comfort her he wrapped his arms around her and whispered things like “Don’t worry!” and “It’s going to be ok!” She held tighter loving the warmth between them. He put her in front of him and looked her straight in the eyes while holding on to her shoulders.

“I love you, ok?” he said. “Yeah, I love you too” she replied with a sob. “But why are you sad?” he asked. “It’s just I don’t want them to close down the school if it was a student from here. This place is my home I love it here!” she cried. “I know I love it too. But we will try not to think about it and maybe we can try to find out who it really was!” he said. She just nodded a yes.

He lifted her chin up and looked at her amazing emerald eyes. They were partially red from the crying. He wiped away the left over tears with his thumb and looked at her more. He brought her closer and put his arms around her waist. He then again lifted her head, put her hair out of her face and leaned in. His lips and her lips felt very soft against each others’. Again their touch was much warmer. Much better than the touch of hands. This touch was definitely better. This touch was wonderful. This touch was the feeling of love. She held on tighter and tighter until her body was pressed hard against his. He groaned in joy and lifted her up against the wall. She grabbed his hair and held it tight in her hands. She too groaned in joy at the feeling. He squeezed her and squeezed her until it was too tight for her too bear. She yelped in pain as her stomach was being squished by his strength.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry Selene” he said. She fell to the ground as he let her go and she laid there in pain. “It’s ok Mason I’ll be fine!” she whispered. He quickly went down on his knees and picked her up onto his lap. “No it won’t be I’m so sorry I should have been more careful!” he said while cupping her head in his hand. “I said it’s ok” she whispered. “I just can’t control myself around you! Ugh I’m so stupid…How could I do this? Let me help you get up” he said. He picked her up in his arms and led her to the couch.

“I’m fine it will just be bruised for a while. Nothing’s broken” she said while sounding like she had more strength in her. “I just thought that since we are vampires that you would be stronger” he said while sobbing. “I am it’s just that your stronger than me because well look at you” she said. He laughed and she laughed too with some snorts here and there that made her stomach hurt a little. “Ouch! Ugh maybe I shouldn’t laugh” she said. He lifted her up onto his lap and hugged her gently. She wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head against his shoulder.

He left her on the couch so he could get an ice bag. Once he came back he handed her the ice bag. She lifted her shirt just a little bit just enough to see the new forming bruise and put the ice bag on it. Selene was slim and had a pretty strong abs from sports but it wasn’t enough to withstand the strength of Mason. He let her lay down on his lap while he rubbed the ice bag against her stomach.

After about ten minutes the new forming bruise was gone (vamps heal fast). “Well that was good!” she said. “Yeah” he said but he still looked kind of sad because he had hurt his one true love. “I told you I’m fine! Please stop worrying or I’ll be sad” she said with her beautiful smile that made him smile. “Kay” he said.

They both cleaned up before going inside to the Moon ceremony. Mason took his seat from last time while Selene took her seat at the table. “Welcome again all fellow classmates to the Moon ceremony. Another great tradition from this great race. Now we must pray to our goddess the Moon for she is what makes us powerful and great. Now her children thank her!” she said.

All the vamps bowed their heads in respect and prayed. My dear goddess the Moon I want to thank-you for bringing Selene to my life. I love her with all my heart! It has been the best decision in my life to come here and go after my heart. Thank-you I owe you everything. He thought to their goddess. Moon I have to thank-you with all my might because I have found the love of my life! He has changed my world in so many ways. I’m so glad you led me to him. Thank-you my goddess you definitely are wonderful! Selene thought. All the vamps suddenly raised their heads in surprise at the banging sound that was beating hard against the door. With a huge noise the doors burst open with five figures behind it in complete black and dark sunglasses.

They stalked towards the front of the table and stared right at Selene. “How may I help you men?” she asked in her professional tone. “Hello Miss?” the leader of the group asked. “Selene” she answered with a glare. “Well Miss Selene we are the detectives that will be searching the school because of the killings” he answered with an evil grin.

“Well sorry to disappoint you sir but I’m not he one to talk to about that. And I assure you that I doubt anyone in this school would make such killings. So you won’t be here for long, but enjoy the short time you have here” she answered back in a smart-ass tone.

“Well glad to hear that you believe that but the evidence doesn’t prove that so we will see who’s right in the end you blood-sucking monster!” he yelled. She glared and hissed at him with up most anger. She jumped on the table and made him jump back. She flashed her fangs at him in disgust that he would say that about her. Then Violet came in.

“That’s quite enough Selene. I’ll deal with him don’t waste your energy on him.” “I usually enjoy humans a lot but these hate us, they think we are animals but they are wrong. Now if you men would follow me I can answer your questions” she said with a growl. Selene jumped off from the table right in front of the detective and hissed. He just simply glared and led his “posy” out the door with Violet.

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