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J'aime(part 2)

January 17, 2010
By YoureCrazy GOLD, Loveland, Colorado
YoureCrazy GOLD, Loveland, Colorado
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"Someone I want you to meet." I said.

"Oh." I looked at him. I saw Dustin coming around the corner. I waved him over here. He started to stare at Nicson.

"I want you to meet Dustin and Cobie." I said. Dustin held out his hand. Nicson took it.

"Dustin. Hey, Renee, how did you meet this guy." I looked at Nicson. He nodded.

"I'm Nicson." He said. Dustin's mouth dropped.

" You knew each other?" Nicson nodded.

" For how long?"

" Well, this is my first day here, and so I'vd known her for almost 5 years." I sat down at the lunch table. Cobie cleared her throat.

" And I'm Cobie. With an 'ie'" She said. Nicson nodded and sat down beside me and put his arm around my waist. Dustin sat down on the opisite side of the table.

" How's the baby doing?" Nicson whispered in my ear. I looked at him.

" Good." I said.

" So.... where did you live before here?" Cobie asked. Nicson looked at her.

"England." He stated simpily.

" Why did you come here?"

"My dad's job." I looked at him. His dad didn't have a job.

" Oh." Cobie looked down at her food. She picked up a brownie.

" Anyone want one?" She asked.

" I do." I said. She gave it to me. I ate it.

" Hey, give me some." Nicson begged. I tore off a little crumb and gave it to him.

" Not funny, Fray." He said and looked at me, serious.I shoved the whole thing into my mouth. Someone started laughing. I turned my head to the noise. Cobie was rotflol. I straightened up and smiled at Nicson, with my hands on my waist. He smiled shyly.

" You still coming to Starbucks with us?" Dustin askedd. I jumped. He'd been so quiet, I haven't even noticed he was still there.

" Yeah." I said.

" Can I come too?" Nicson asked.

" Yea, sure." Dustin said, looking uncomfortable. Nicson smiled.

" Great!"

The author's comments:
What will happen in the next part?

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