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"You Don't Have To Change."

January 19, 2010
By Vampwriter93 GOLD, Lawrence, Kansas
Vampwriter93 GOLD, Lawrence, Kansas
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“Alexandra, come here for a few.”

I walked into my boss’s office and said “Yes, Mr. Smith.”

“I think you have done an excellent job at this diner in the past year and I want to give you a promotion, but I can not give you that until you change your look and life style.”

“Why? You haven’t had a problem with it in the year I have worked.”

“True, but you are only a waitress, but now I would like you to become a manager.”

“Oh, well can I tell you my answer tomorrow?”

“Of course, think it over. I hope you make it a good decision that will benefit you.”

“Yes, Sir.” I walked out, back into the nearly empty diner. Alex pulled me aside and started talking about her day but my head was racing with the possibilities of this new job but the only thing that kept popping into my head was an image of Alexander, my Gothic prince.
I was finally brought back to reality when Alex was saying, “Hey Alexandra, are you even listening? What did Mr. Smith want to tell you?”

“Oh sorry Alex, he just wanted to tell me that I was up for a promotion but only if I changed my looks and life style.”

“Oh, so no more showing up late, Gothic clothing, and most importantly no more Alexander and his band?”

“Yep, that’s all I have to change just to be a manager.”

“Are you going to take the job, I know I sure would.”

“I might, but I have to talk to Alexander about all of this first, I don’t know what to do right now. I don’t really want to change into a happy, preppy person.”

We both laughed and quickly got back to work when Matt, the current manager, came out of his office. It felt like forever till my shift finally got over and when I went outside my Gothic prince, Alexander, was waiting for me and greeted me with a kiss.

“How was your day at work?” Alexander asked.

“Good, I have been offered a promotion.” I said as a frown appeared on my face. Alexander noticed and put his arm around me.
I semi-smiled and Alexander said “What’s wrong? You are never depressed when you are with me.”

“Nothing is wrong, I’m just thinking. So how was your band practice?”

“It was awesome! We have a gig in Los Angeles on Friday.”

“Wait, why are you telling me this the day before?”

“Well, I don’t really expect you to get off work to come to the gig.”

I cocked my head to the side and said sarcastically “And what makes you think that?”

“Your boss is a jerk! He hates my life style and that makes him hate yours!”

“OH MY GOD! Has that ever stopped me before?”

“Yes, you didn’t go to our last gig here in Portland. Do you even care about our success?”

We were at home by now and I climbed out of his black Dodge pick up truck. I slammed the door and stormed up to our apartment.

Alexander grabbed my hand and said “Babe, I’m sorry I know you care, but look at it from my point of view. You are never there and always tired when you come home.”

“Yes, I know. I have to go think things over, he needs an answer tomorrow.”

“Fine, just think about the consequences.”

The night passed in silence and slowly died away with the rising of the sun.

When I got in my truck at seven in the morning, I had left the house with out a goodbye kiss for the first time in the three years we had lived together. For the first time in two months I was actually early to work, I had to sit in the parking lot for ten minutes waiting on Matt to unlock the front door. Finally he showed and I was able to go in and talk to Mr. Smith. He looked happy to see me and he said “Alexandra, have you made your decision?”

“Yes Sir, I don’t want the promotion but I do need today off.”

“Well you may have today off, but I will give you until tomorrow to change your mind about the promotion.”

“Yes Sir, thank you.” I left and headed back to my apartment. Alexander saw me pull up and he smiled. I climbed out and ran over to him. I smiled and said “I love you, why would I miss your gig?”

“But your boss never let’s you miss work?”

“Well I’m a free spirit, now let’s go before he calls and tell me to come back to work.” We got in his truck and headed to his gig in L.A.

Eight hours later we were waiting for his band mates to show. Finally they showed with fifteen minutes to spare and when the gig started I stayed backstage. As I watched my Gothic prince play his electric guitar I thought, Is a promotion really worth losing all of this and even my true love? Obviously the answer to that stupid question is no, rockers are the best boyfriends ever, also so much fun too, but I love Alexander to much to give him up. I would die without him; he was the only one there when I was so depressed I wanted to kill myself. Before I knew it the gig was over and Alexander was next to me.

He gave me a kiss and said “Let’s head home, Babe.” I smiled and we walked out to his truck.

We finally got home around three and I was lucky that I got three hours of sleep. I slowly got out of bed when my alarm went off at six. I gave Alexander a kiss on the cheek as I left and headed out to my truck. As I drove I was still trying to decide if I should take the promotion, I was thinking, The promotion would give me more spending money which could be nice but yet again I wouldn’t need it without Alexander and I would have nothing to come home too. God why did this have to be such a hard decision, why couldn’t I just have both Alexander and get my promotion, I wonder if I can get Mr. Smith to agree to that if I change my looks. But then I bet Alexander would leave me because I changed for someone. That’s it, I’m not changing for anyone, I don’t want this stupid promotion. I pulled up to the diner right as I reached my decision. Thankfully Mr. Smith was already here and I just had to walk into his office.

I knocked on the door and Mr. Smith said “Oh Alexandra, come in.”

“Mr. Smith, I don’t accept the promotion and oh yeah I quit.”

“What, how come?”

“I don’t have to change for you or for anyone. I want to keep my life the way it is and that means I don’t want to work here anymore.” He looked puzzled as I walked out to my truck and drove home to my wonderful and loving Gothic prince.

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