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First Part of my First Story: Bartender Pour Me A Kiss

December 28, 2009
By Olgags GOLD, Mexico, Other
Olgags GOLD, Mexico, Other
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So gorgeous I think as I watch the bartender pour a martini for a guy next to me. What am I doing in a bar exactly? Well, boy watching of course, although boy watching constitutes “watching“ a lot of “boys“ there is only one I´m interested in. My name is Melissa Starre, I´m 17 years old and totally not allowed in this bar. Luckily for me, the bartender is one of my very best friends, an incredible gorgeous boy and... oh yeah, the man I love. If my sister knew I was here, my obituary would come up in the newspaper first thing tomorrow morning. I´m not allowed in bars, and definetely not on a school night, but who cared? All that mattered was that light blue line that danced through Ethan´s eyes whenever he walked under the light of the lamp at the counter. It was one of the few lights as this was supposed to be “the bar of the night“. I know, lame name, but it actually was very succesul. Where else could you sip a glow in the dark martini? or accidentally bump everyone in the process? It was unique in the world, and twice as unique here in the Windy city. There was a main counter, where I was sitting, completely made of glass with lights all under it. Behind those beautiful arms, belonging to Ethan of course, you could see a million bottles of all kinds stacked neatly together through the whole wall. Behind me several glass tables and black chairs were distributed through the whole bar, each with a light under it, forming spotlights of people. It was actually very cool to sit in a table, you felt magical, but I always sat at the counter, I wasn´t there to drink, obviously. I must´ve stared too hard because suddendly I heard this beautiful voice say:
- Are you allright?, You look like you´re in love – and then that incredible laugh. Well… Actually… Ugh he knew me too well. As expected from your best friend I guess. – Mel? –I heard his voice again, but could only see his eyes moving.
- Uhm… yeah, sorry, I spaced out -, in your eyes… God, I´m pathetic.. Five years this has been going on, can´t I get enough?
- I noticed. Uhm, shouldn´t you get back? It´s already 12 – Ethan answered as he stared at his watch, worry plastered all over his face. He didn´t like when I “accdentally“ broke my sister´s rules. Of coures I couldn´t care less, but for some reason he always made sure I was home on time. Except tonight, I guess he was concentratng too hard on getting his job done. ??-You´re right! I should go, see ya Ethan – I said as I stood up.
- Bye babe – he said with a wink thrown in my direction, I´m surprised I didn´t end up melted in the floor. Im glad because I didn´t want to ruin the dark wood flooring. It was one of the things the owner boasted most about. I was already outside when I remembered Ethan drove me here. Great, now I have to go back inside. Lucky for me, he was just coming out and said he would take me home again. Oh well, why not? Ten minutes later we were parked in front of my apartment building where I live with my sister and brother in law.

The author's comments:
This is just the first small chapter, just under 600 words, but please, I am begging anyone who reads this piece to please tell me if you want to read more. Only then will I upload the next part so make sure to tell me when! Thank You!

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