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January 4, 2010
By YoureCrazy GOLD, Loveland, Colorado
YoureCrazy GOLD, Loveland, Colorado
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It all started in class one day.

"J'aime is used for lots of things. Like you can use it for food and activties." My teacher said, pacing in the front of the classroom. I tuned out of the rest. My cellphone buzzed.
J'aime tu by ???

I looked at it confusedm and looked around at the classroom searching who texted me that. Nobody was looking back at me so I sighed and leaned back into my chair to indurme the next 30 min of class.

"O.K." Mr. Baldy-the teacher-said. "For this assignment, you'll need a partner." He stopped pacing and stood there. Nobody moved. " Well? What are you waiting for? Get to work!" I got up and looked around. Dustin came to me.

"So... how do you like your first month here so far?" He asked. Dustin had dirty blond hair and picering blue eyes. He was about 5'10 and I was the tiny heigth of 5'5. I rolled my eyes.

"Good." I said in my usual british accent. " How is your first month here?" I said sarcasticly. He laughed and sat down in the seat next to mine. I sat down too. "Look." I said holding out my phone to the most recent one.

"Wow, thats,er, really...something." He said. There was this look on his face that looked like he was keeping something from me. Before I could ask what, he said,"Lets get down to business." He claped his hands.

"O.K. Where do we start?" He asked looking around the table. One of his friends came over. "YO DUDE!" He guy slaped Dustins' head. " You going to the game on Friday?" He asked.

" Yea... I said I would." Dustin said.

"Kay 'cause you can't miss IT!" He said and looked at me. " You going too, babe?"

"Yea." I said quietly.

"You guys going together?" The guy asked.

"Yea." Dustin said. The guy just raised one eyebrow.

" You guys going out?" I couldn't help but blush. Dustin was blushing too. I looked away.

" NO!" Dustin yelled.

"'Kay, well, I got to go.Later, dude." And he walked away. I turned back and looked at Dustin with wide eyes. He smirked. :} .

" What?"

" Does that guy always piss people off?" I asked. He laughed.

" Yea...most of the time. Oh-and I wanted to ask you something. Can we go to Starbucks after school with Cobe?" He asked. Cobe-Cobie was one of my friends that I have here.

" Yea... sure. Sounds great. I love coffee!" (Which is true with me too.)I exclaimed. He smiled.

" So I'll pick you up at 3, kay?" I nodded.

"Kay." I said.

" So where do we start?" Dustin asked, looking at the table.

"Over there." He walked over to the front desk and asked. Mr. Baldy talked to him. Dustin walked back.

" Kay. Lets get to work."


" Hey, Renee!" Cobie shouted. I looked around for her. She was waving from all the way from across the room. I started to walk over but this guy stopped me. He had black hair and green eyes and a sweet smile across his face.

" And where do you think you're going, sweetie?" He asked.

" NICSON!" I yelled and then hugged him. He hugged back. " I haven't like seen you in forever."I said.

" Its only been 1 month." Nicson smiled. I rolled my eyes.

" I cant belive you're here." I said, smiling. " C'mon, I want you to meet some people. "

" O.K." He said. I grabbed his hand and dragged him over to where Cobie was. She looked at me and Nicson back and forth. Nicson looked at Cobie.

" What?" He asked. She shook her head.

" Nothing." Cobie said. I looked around for Dustin. " Where's Dustin?" I asked.

" I.D.K." She said.

" Who's Dustin?" Nicson asked.

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