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Torn Between Two Hearts

December 17, 2009
By dreamer721 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
dreamer721 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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Why is it that we love the ones that ignore us, and ignore the ones who love us?

“I’m a bully!” Jason yelled as he pulled my book bag off my shoulder and ran away. “Hey! That wasn’t nice!” I laughed. Terra laughed and pushed her blonde hair out of her dark blue eyes. “Yeah! That was not nice!” she yelled after him. I had to admit, I had liked Jason for a while now but he doesn’t talk to me much. Even though, he lived really close to me and he used to visit everyday. “Wow. I can’t believe how weird he is.” Terra said, interjecting my thoughts. “I know right.” I agreed. We headed out the door of out middle school. “I’ll text ‘ya!” I shouted as we headed in different directions. “Ok! Bye!” she yelled back. I rushed up the steps to my bus and sat in the 3rd seat from the front, on the right. That was where I always sat, everyday.

“Hello?” I said as I pulled the phone to my ear. “Hey Lea. It’s me Jason.” his voice was hoarse, as if from crying. “What’s up?” I asked, making sure that he couldn’t tell that I had been crying. I’d loved Jason for almost a year now and he still didn’t notice me in the way I’d noticed him. “’Um, I have no idea how to say this but, I’ll try to.” his voice got smaller with every word. “What is it Jason, what’s wrong?” I started to worry, the way he said it all seemed like something was terrible. “Nothing is wrong. I wanted to ask you if you would like to….” he stuttered. “Go on a date.” he finished. I stood there, listening to my breathing before I said anything. “That would be awesome!” I finally yelled. “Ok. Where do you ‘wanna go?” he questioned, sounding a lot better. “Maybe we could go see a movie.” I suggested. “Ok.”

“Do you want to go to the mall this Friday, after school?” Terra asked, slamming her locker shut. “Can’t. I’m…… babysitting.” I lied. That was the night of my date with Jason. Terra had no idea that I liked him. Yet. “Babysitting?” she laughed. “Who are you babysitting?” she continued. “My neighbor’s daughter.” I tried. She gave up on the idea. We walked towards the lunchroom, trying to get there before the bell rung. Then, we placed our stuff on the table and ran to the line. “Hey.” Jason came up behind me and hugged me. Terra pulled his hair so that it fell in front of his eyes. He flipped it out of his face, that was one of the reasons that I liked him. I pulled Terra aside and explained everything. She, then, went up to Jason and said, “Sorry. I wasn’t told about what happened last night.” Jason came up to me and looked at me. His eyes bore into me like daggers, but he didn’t look mad. He looked more focused than anything. Then, unexpectedly, his lips hit mine with force. Our lips moved in an unfamiliar way and he bit my lower lip. I shivered roughly as he pulled away, it was a perfect kiss. He walked away without looking back. “Wow.” I breathed. “Holy crap! Now I see why you like him. He’s hot when he’s serious!” Terra laughed. Then, I looked around the Café. Everybody was staring either at me or Jason. I went back to standing in line. “Hey, what’s up?” I heard my old crush, Jake, say. “Hey. Did you see that?” I asked fearfully. He had liked me too. “Who didn’t? Except for the principle and Dr. Chance.” he informed. Dr. Chance was our vice-principle. Each grade had different vice-principles, but we all had the same principle. “Are you ok dude?” Nathan, Jake’s best friend, asked from behind me. I turned to look at Terra. The line hadn’t moved. “Help me!” I mouthed to her. She shook her head and laughed. Jake turned myself around and surprised me with something I wanted almost a week ago. His lips met mine and he nibbled on my lower lip. He pulled away and said, “Think about that tonight.” Then, he turned and walked back to his table with Nathan. “Two kisses by people you adore! What a day for you!” Terra yelled. “I know why he did that.” I breathed as I stared off in space. “Lea? What’s wrong? You should be happy.” Terra sounded worried. “He wants me to choose, over him and Jason. I can’t do that. I love them both. This is ‘gonna be one long day.” I sighed, we moved up and grabbed a tray and milk. “Well, maybe they’ll fight over you. That would be hilarious.” Terra was trying to make it better. “Now, I have no idea what to do. I love Jake’s big, light blue eyes and how sweet he is. Plus, he’s funny. Jason, on the other hand, makes my heart jump and I can be myself with him. He is always the one to go to when you need a good laugh.” I explained, ignoring her comment. “That’s ‘gonna be hard.” she admitted glumly. The line moved forward once again.

The author's comments:
This is somewhat about my life, so some is true some is not. I am torn between two hearts though. It's not at all fun.

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