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A vampire's "bad" news.

November 29, 2009
By oneradgirl GOLD, Jackson, New Jersey
oneradgirl GOLD, Jackson, New Jersey
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"If a writer wrote merely for his time, I would have to break my pen and throw it away" -Victor Hugo

Every day of my endless existence was just another day in hell. Even with my new “family” beside me. This room, filled with books and a bed, was not satisfying. The blood of animals, or even human, did not quite quench my thirst. The heightened senses and strength, stamina and speed were not enough to be willing to trade one’s mortality for. Who knew eternity could feel like such. To live without purpose except but to kill.

Death plagued my thoughts, not my own but others. The people I’ve killed, their horrible feelings before dying. I could feel their fear, and panic. Their horrible shame, or regret. It tormented my every thought, even from eighty to a hundred years back. Years felt like nothing when you had all the time in the world.

I could not understand why Victoria wanted to go back to the human world so badly. She had gone on a killing spree through an entire hospital when she awoke in a bloodthirsty rage. Why would she feel so inclined to attend school yet again? I couldn’t fathom the idea of it. But she is my family now, so I must protect her and Helen. I hadn’t the faintest clue why Helen agreed so quickly to what could possibly be a homicide.

“Will, could you atleast humor Victoria? We all know you miss the human life as much as she does. Think of it like a study.” Helen’s voice filled the air. I grunted softly. A study of human life? Why would I need it? I was once human too, a very long time ago. But maybe I have lost some memories of such a distant time. I couldn’t back down anyway.

“Sure, I’ll do it. But don’t get me wrong, I won’t enjoy it.” I growled, lowly. Helen’s small dimples formed as the corner of lips turned upwards. She looked decent, even in the dark. Although, I preferred some form of light bouncing off her blonde locks of curly hair that barely made it past her chin. It also warmed up her chocolate brown eyes.

She had left the dark room that I call my own. No doubt that she was informing Victoria of her victory. Victoria would have sent Eve to me next, if Helen had failed in persuasion. Eve, being my motherly figure, would have persuaded me much easier than Helen.

“Will, I can’t thank you enough! I’ve been dying, not literally ofcourse, to be around people again.” Victoria smiled, triumphant. “It’s a good thing you’ve finally come to your senses and helped your older sister do what she wants.” If only she was as nice as she looked. Feathered auburn hair, not a single piece out of line, and burnt-orange eyes. What a waste, that such a warm sensation had to be on such a cold person.

“Come to my senses? You’re threatening the lives of every person in the town, and I am the one not being reasonable.” I snarled. Of course she only thinks of herself, conceited as always. Am I the only one who thinks about our eternity together?

Victoria stood there, blank expression. This only meant that she was either having a vision, or contemplating my point of view. A vision was much more likely. Helen, Victoria, and I all had special talents. As vampires, we had everything and more, but still we ended up with powers thought to be linked with our life-force. Helen could read the mind of those she touches, just the thoughts they think as she is attached to them mentally and physically. I could feel the emotions of others, a curse more than a gift. Victoria, however, could see events that were set in stone, our unavoidable future.

She gasped. Immediately, Helen grasped her hand and Victoria did a play by play for her. I waited impatiently as their moods turned from surprise to a joyous dreadful mixture. “What is it?” I asked after Helen let go of her hand. Victoria shook her head, “You can’t know yet, it might make it take longer to happen.” I lifted an eyebrow, “So it was about me then? Aren’t you, the psychic, obliged to tell me, the victim, what had happened?” I grinned wickedly. She didn’t seem touched by my playful teasing. “You’re not going to know, not yet atleast.” Her voice firm as can be.

I waited in my room, mediating, for hours to pass the night away. No thoughts, no worries, no feelings. The feeling the pure happiness emitted through the thick walls, and even that, could not triumph as I kept my control. I couldn’t hear them, fortunately, since Victoria’s room was soundproof.

Helen snuck into my room later on. “Pst,” she whispered, “I have something to share.” I got up from my former position and replied, “Well go on then, I’m listening.” She smiled, “As you already know, Victoria had a vision about you. Well, I think it’s wrong to keep it from you. She saw you and a young human together, kissing under the moonlight.” I was bewildered. It took minutes for me to declare, “Impossible. I would kill her, being that close to her blood. I wouldn’t be able to control myself. Describe the person I was with to me, she must be mistaken. Perhaps it was-” I cut off, cringing at the thought of a past succubus, “someone else.”

“Well,” she began, “she had long black hair and blue eyes. She was pale, but not like us. She still had a fleshy look to her. You two sparked fireworks, I could just play it back in my head time and time again like some romance movie.” I rolled my eyes in disgust at my little sister’s description. She left before I looked back.

Could it be possible for me to love that which is so fragile? I could break her, or worse, bite her. If I bit her, I’d have to make an instantaneous decision on whether to let her live in damnation or die. Would I be able to live with myself?

The author's comments:
The beginning of a story I hope to finish.

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