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'Tis you I Love

September 15, 2009
By Niccole SILVER, Melbourne, Florida
Niccole SILVER, Melbourne, Florida
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Brianna Cambell was a 15 year old girl who lived in the year 1952. She lived in England with her father and two younger sisters, Rebecca Alaina and Bethany Nicole. Her father was a strict and overprotective man, especially on her behalf. He made sure that she never participated in anything she might have interest in, like boys, and he rarely let her out of the house. Her mother died giving birth to her sisters which left her taking care of two newborn baby twins. This was only 9 years ago, and oh how she missed her mother dearly. It was sad knowing her sisters wouldn't get to know who she was.

She missed how her family used to be . Her father, Samuel, never was so strict until her mother died. Brianna could never tell him that she soon wanted a life of her own. She wanted to meet her prince and have a family. Surely he would not understand though. It is not like she had never brought it up before, but when she did, Samuel gave her a sad, sustained look. It was like he was saying

" I lost your mother don't leave me too."

Brianna knew in her heart her dreams about going out and exploring the world, would never be fulfilled. She told herself just like she told Rebecca Alaina and Bethany Nicole when they insisted on fairies being real,

"Come now, don't talk so foolishly those are only fantasies." Though her heart knew differently and she never stopped dreaming.

It was the beginning of May and flowers were blooming, birds were singing, bees buzzed about the daisies. Brianna sat and gazed out the window, her autumn hair long like Repunzle's gathered together and laid over one shoulder. Rebecca Alaina and Bethany Nicole skipped along the tile holding hands and humming the same repetitive tune.

"Oh Daddy can Bethany Nicole and I go and pick some daisies to put in our lovely nutmeg hair?" Rebecca Alaina asked her immense brown eyes looked up and widened to where they almost consumed her face. Samuel knelt next to the little girls and asked to Rebecca

"Where did you learn to speak like that?"

"Dictinory" piped small Bethany Nicole
"She means dictionary," Rebecca Alaina said almost too maturely, standing very straight she continued "She has yet to master their pronouciation like I." Bethany nodded, she pursed her lips together and agreed
"Nay I have not." Then they grabbed each others hands once more skipped away, and hummed their song.

It was true that Samuel rarely ever let Brianna out of the house, but there were a few occasions where he did, one being to go get the groceries down at the market place. While she was shopping she got distracted by the beauty around her and accidentally bumped into someone and their stuff scattered all over.
"Oh I am so sorry I did not see you there ma-" Brianna paused it wasn't a she it was a he. Brianna gulped hoping it wasn't obvious how embarrassed she was. "Sir." She finally whispered.
"I guess I wasn't exactly what you expected when you bumped into me." He chuckled, Brianna giggled
"Not exactly." He beamed at her to where all of his teeth were showing, and his silver blues eyes were laughing.
"I'm Jonathon and you are?"
"Brianna," After she said that Jonathon took her hand and kissed it
"Nice to meet you..."
From that point on Brianna could not stop thinking about Jonathon, his bleach blonde hair, his laugh. Just thinking about him made chills go up and down her spine. Soon she went to the market place three times a day just to see him. Surprisingly he was there all the times she went.
"Do you work here?" Brianna asked one day- it was one of the days that she went to the market three times in a row.
"No, why do you ask?"
"Well you always seem to be here." Brianna confessed, Jonathon's face went red and he smiled nervously his silver blue eyes twinkled.
"I have a confession to make," He began his face shaded a darker red,
"I come to see you, and wait for you to show up." Brianna smiled and began to bat her big brown eyes at Jonathon.
"By the way there is something I have been meaning to ask you, will you go steady with me?" Brianna smiled she never had felt happier in her life
"I would love to but my father- he would never allow it."
"Oh I see..." Jonathon sighed
"I'm sure you could be an exception though." Brianna put in quickly, Jonathon beamed, his eyes twinkled like the stars in the night sky bright and beautiful and kissed her.

So it was official Jonathon and Brianna were going steady, and Brianna kept sneaking out to go see him. She even got around to eventually showing him her house... but told him not to go in because the slightest noise would wake up her sisters from their nap and disturb her dad. Everything was going smoothly until one night there was a knock on the door.
"I will get it father," Brianna shouted, but before she could her father was already at the door. Horror struck Brianna when Jonathon walked in smiling and saying how he was greatful to finally meet her father. Samuel obviously confused told him to step outside for a moment. Samuel turned to Brianna his face reflecting that of a hurt puppy and said
"Brianna, is there something you need to tell me?"
Brianna looked at the ground "Oh daddy I wanted to tell you so, so badly but you wouldn't have understood."
Samuel raised his voice "So you went behind my back?"
"It was what I wanted,"
Samuel's eyes were misty and blood-shot he ran his hand over his short grey hair and told Brianna "Go tell that boy that I forbid you to see him ever again." Crying she went to the door
"Brianna what's wrong?" Jonathon asked sympathetically.
"We are forbidden to see each other," Brianna wept
"Oh," his voice was hoarse, and without another word he turned around and walked away.

Tears streaming down her rosy cheeks she ran inside and slammed the door. She looked straight at Samuel, her nostrils flaired and fists clenched. Brianna was breathing heavily her chest moving in and out vilontley.
"Brianna..." Samuel started
"Do not talk to me!" Brianna screamed
"Brianna Cambell! What on Earth has gotten into you?"
"The only reason I did that behind your back, father, is because that is the only chance I would get of ever getting out of this reched house!" She put in lividly, and stomped into her bedroom and shut the door so hard the walls of her bedroom vibrated. She jumped on her bed and wept hard when suddenly she heard a tap on her window she opened it- it was Jonathon, throwing pebbles at her window.
"Jonathon," Brianna said giving a weak giggle
"What are you doing?"
"Come," He said trying to be as quiet as possible
"Go away with me." Jonathon continued, then he started to climb the tree to get to Brianna, when he finally reached the top he took her hand.
"Oh Jonathon, I mustn't, you heard my father we can never be together." Brianna said in a hoarse voice, Jonathon reached his hand out to gently touch her cheek,
"I know, that is why we must go off together, to Paris, Rome, anywhere." Brianna giggled, then when she saw he was serious she sighed.
"You know I cannot do that-" Brianna began to say but Jonathon interupted almost yelling,
"Yes, you can!"
"Do you love me?" He asked softly
"Well, yes," Brianna replied quietly
"Then come away with me!" Brianna looked down, this was what she wanted, right? This is what she had been dreaming off since she was a small child. Wasn't this what her romantic heart had been longing for, to go away with her prince- and to be with him forever and to leave this reched house. Jonathon was looking at her anxiously awaiting for an answer.
"I'm scared..." Brianna finally whispered breaking the silence, Jonathon looked at her, intense yet soft it was a look she could not describe- but she knew one thing... it made her melt.
"Is that the reason? You're scared?" Jonathon spoke those words so softly and gentely it was like the wind spoke them. Brianna nodded slowly she was a little embarrassed.
"Frankly, so am I, but that doesn't keep me from settling into never seeing you again. That scares me even worse." Jonathon sweetly pushed back a stray hair that was infront of Brianna's face.
"So, what do you say?" She looked at him with intense passion in her eyes, though fear lingered in her heart mixed in with guilt she answered reluctently,

Jonathon took her by the hand to help her get on to the windowsill, then he held her waist and carried her the whole way down the tree. Brianna's heart was fluttering when he leaned in, and kissed her lightly. Holding hands they headed toward the beach in the back of her house where he had a boat already waiting for them. Jonathon helped her into the boat and then got in himself. As Brianna and Jonathon were rowing away in to the night, Brianna kept her gaze on the house she had once lived in with a father and two siblings. The moon full and bright shining down on it, that house represented to her of what she once was a caged bird, now flying free. Brianna kept her gaze until it was nothing but a shadow in the dark night.

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on Nov. 3 2009 at 10:32 am
BriarRose PLATINUM, Seneca, Illinois
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I don't need a rose. I want a daisy you picked for my hair. I don't want some fancy box of chocolate. I want a pink frosting cookie you made just for me. Lets skip the upscale restaraunt and have a picnic in the park.

what happens next? you could seriously add more. as is, its fantastic

emily23 BRONZE said...
on Oct. 24 2009 at 10:08 pm
emily23 BRONZE, Solon, Maine
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wow this is intense

on Oct. 23 2009 at 10:14 pm
Lovebeingloved SILVER, Yucca Valley, California
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very nicely written=)