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Lock and Key

October 3, 2019
By keewebb GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
keewebb GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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In a small shack just outside the city, laid a girl named Keylee. She spent most of her day cleaning until one dreadful day. Her mother had left her all alone, abandoned. She traveled to the city in search of the police when she ran into a boy named Lockland. He was a city boy and the two of them ended up conversing for a while. Lockland had found out all about her story and offered her a couple nights in his apartment. After a couple days Keylee’s mother was found dead. Keylee was old enough to move into her own place, but it was too expensive for she was young and poor. Lockland and Keylee ended up moving in together. After a year they confessed their love for each other. A short two years after that they got married. In their hearts they knew it would last forever because she was the key to his lock. They lived long happy lives with their one and only child named Spare.

The author's comments:

My name is Keeleigh spelt differently of course so i used names to tie into the over all theme.

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