Most Recent Realistic Fiction

Here is the most recent realistic fiction:

White Plaster Sky This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The skittles squirm down my throat, dissolving onto my tongue in a sharp burst of artificial flavor before they vanish into the depths of my digestive system. I can imagine the bacteria writhing on the edges of my yellowing teeth, clamping onto... (more »)
The Old Man
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    The stars shined and shimmered as the old man sat, rocking in his chair. Soon he was going to die. He’s known this or awhile and he just recently came to grips with the fact. He let out a shaky sigh as the moon shone... (more »)
The House At The End Of The Street
By ,
The autumn leaf detached from its home of the dark oak branch and fluttered through the cool air. It daintily landed on the ground, only to be crushed flat by Kevin’s shoe as he sprinted across his yard. His target, a small, red kickball,... (more »)
The Sad Bus
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It’s 4:51 in the morning when I wake up feeling like I’m lost at sea. I feel blindly around the nightstand to my right, wondering why my alarm isn’t going off, why I can’t hear my mom cooking in our standing-room-only kitchen, bacon... (more »)
I Was Wrong
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  I didn’t mean to kill her. We loved one another. It started off with us talking about being together. Then I had to wait to be with her. “She is worth the wait” is what I kept telling myself. Like a song those... (more »)
Overwhelming Love
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My body, unknotted in the eno, swayed to a mellow back and forth rhythm; my legs laid one over the other pressed softly against Bri’s. One butterfly flew about my body, not wanting to embarrass myself in front of senior girls or... (more »)
Can You Hear It?
By , Metairie, LA
  Our story starts on December 19, 2016, in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was a chilly and relaxing day. Everyone was outside walking around and relaxing in the cold weather. Meanwhile,  Abby Little was sitting on her bed listening... (more »)
Cultural Chasms
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I was only four when my mother chose to leave China. She was a single mother, her husband had died when I was only two months old. I didn’t remember him, but I’m sure she did. My mother was headed to America: the land of... (more »)
Mayor Landfill
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“Mayor is more that a word, its a meaning. A meaning to serve and protect this town, at any cost it takes this town is safe. I know I only have been mayor for the past three months but this place is already back on it feet. Families have... (more »)
The Old Oak Table
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Humid, smog-filled air hit me like a wave as I stepped onto the dusty sidewalk in India. Sunshine beating down on my back and neck made me instantly regret wearing my thick magenta sweater and my full-length jeans. I felt the sweat forming on... (more »)
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I’ve never felt like I can do anything right. Every time my parents asked me to do a chore, such as shoveling the driveway after a snowstorm, I’d do it. I remember a particular time when my dad gave me a lecture after I shoveled. He... (more »)
Another Day...
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Grit. Well, what does the word grit actually mean to me? In my life, grit means getting through each day with effort, a smile,and a challenge. You can't show grit unless you have a challenge. My challenge, well, it wasn't exactly... (more »)
Little Child
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Little Child laid out their soul on a platter, and didn’t think you’d find much. A few scraps of forlorn, shattered memories. Each piece would be chewed, spit on, frayed. Little Child didn’t know how to make friends. And for some reason... (more »)
Cancer Stole Him
I remember only saying I love you when I thought it was necessary. Not because I felt it, and not because I wanted it. Because I didn't. And maybe they were right. I still don't. I always thought that love was a facade, something fake, and... (more »)
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The girl never knew something as simple as liking the same sex could end her up in a situation quite like this. Her captors drug her across the rough pavement as she kicked wildly and screamed as loud as she could into their faces,... (more »)
Stars Aligned
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If I jump, my story ends here. However, if I get down and learn to fly instead, I may have enough time to tell you everything. As I glance down at my feet, all I can focus on is the distinct red line I see. It’s bright cherry path leads... (more »)
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