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Here is the most recent realistic fiction:

The Escape of A Hopeful Slave (chapter 1)
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I was born in west Kentucky to a slave family. When I was a child, I did not know what slavery was. It was the worst part of my life, because I knew at a certain point in my life I had to work to death. When my owners separated me from my... (more »)
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Daylights warm soft lips breached the darkness, swarming the landscape and shone through the trees making them seem skinnier than usual to the naked eye. Over the mountains and through the woods it traveled quickly yet smoothly as if the light... (more »)
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Imagine you were flying. Your hair was tickling the clouds and your hands were feeling the sky. Imagine that you are slowly falling farther away from the clouds and farther away from the sky. Imagine you going through clouds one by one until you... (more »)
Parenting 101
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     Today was the day. I would finally be a teacher – Dr. Davies, PED. There were desperate parents out there who just didn’t know what to do with their children. I had decided to create my own business- Parenting... (more »)
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  How Many?   April 4th, 2018 - 0900A   “So, Mr. Taylor, how much did you have to drink that night?” I could see he was nervous to answer the question. Everyone knew he was going to be... (more »)
That Unfortunate Day
By , George Town , Cayman Islands
  It was Flora Smith’s only treat of the week since she was an aspiring model, God, all she wanted was to indulge in her favorite stir fry with noodles and spring rolls from her favorite Chinese takeout. Since it was so cold in... (more »)
Heart Failure This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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He knew a lot about her, and most of the time it was truly a blessing. No man in the world understood her as well as he did, and he cherished every word she uttered about herself since everything she had was his. Her reason to laugh, her will... (more »)
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A Day in the Life
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“Just pretend we’re talking until the cops leave…” I heard my coworker, Creed, softly whisper. It is my first day at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Supply in Scranton, as the new receptionist. I recently got off the phone with the branch... (more »)
A Day at Seattle Grace Hospital
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My eyes shot open after a terrible nightmare. It was at that moment that I realized, it wasn’t just a dream. I had been placed into my favorite show, Grey’s Anatomy. My purple, polkadot pajamas had changed into blue scrubs and in my hand was a... (more »)
Here-Here And Ciara
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Doodling at his school desk, he thinks of Ciara Aristella Antonov, her slick dark hair pulled in a ponytail, yelling at him in first grade. "You stupid idiot,  how don't you understand things?" She had yelled at him. He had shrugged, she had... (more »)
One Character, Two Lights This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Love: The girl's wispy platinum hair caught his eye. As he looked onward, he noticed she was beautiful. It wasn't that she was especially attractive. It was the excitement in her eyes and her confidence in herself. If she wasn't so young and... (more »)
You've Gotta Be Kitten Me
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Leo Garfield, soon to be pet owner extraordinaire. As soon as he had graduated college, the first order of business had been to move into his new apartment. It was specifically pet-friendly, and still relatively cheap. When he was little, he had... (more »)
Beginning to an End
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In my head I like to narrate my life as if I was a main character in a book. Although I can read my mind as a book, I could never tell when the real story would occur. I guess this was where it started, I just didn’t know. When I was six my... (more »)
Sightings of Unjustice Chapter 1
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A rare occurrence took place, both the phone alarm and alarm clock fired off at the same time. Ghance turned them both off and rose with high hopes; it was his time to change his world. But these things took time. He had to plan carefully.... (more »)
The Other Side
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I used to love moving from place to place as a kid. It brought joy to me meeting new people, and exploring different places. My mom had always talked about moving to the United States. She called it “El Otro Lado” (The other side). I didnt... (more »)
Poet Tree Part 2
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“You can take a break now, my son.” said Father C. “Thank you, father.” the son said in his maturing voice. Father C. watched his son walk inside, filling himself with pride of his son’s strength; he smiled. “If only I can get him... (more »)
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