Day that came

September 29, 2017
By gbarrera1029 BRONZE, San Jacinto , California
gbarrera1029 BRONZE, San Jacinto , California
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It started out all fine. Nothing wrong it felt like every other day in the typical Californian coast.  He followed his routine as usual his mind on the task of getting to work.  He woke up took a shower, changed, ate breakfast, and walked out to start his car. Today was particularly cloudy from yesterday which was sunny.  Once inside his new black buick he turned onto his favorite his radio station and listened until halfway of his journey towards his job. Here he felt it. A weird sensation. It controlled him. He stopped in the middle of the street and could go forward, cars piled back behind him, frantic honking and shouting was heard behind him. He could move, it was like he knew something was coming. Something bad. Roughly about a minute later he heard a ear bursting siren of what sounded of a police car...but it was getting louder and  it wasn’t  coming closer, it sounded like it came from the sky. It scared him, he looked around and noticed the people starting to run out but stopping to cry. Leaving their cars parked like stones staying still. He loosened his greasy seat belt and ran towards the closest person and started to shout “what's happening?” To no reply. The man he talked to did nothing but look up to the sky. Just up. Then finally he looked towards us and replied “ it doesn’t matter anymore, all of us will be missing soon.”  He stood in horror but knew what he meant it was only minutes before everything in a two-hundred mile radius around him would be ended. I knew soon the world wouldn’t cease to exist like it did before. So many lives. Lost because of such a foolish act. He never thought it would end like this, he had everything planned out for his life. He wanted to visit places and do things but all that wouldn’t happen because the day that no one thought would come happened.

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