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Divorce Craziness

March 4, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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I just got back from school when I went upstairs to do my homework and not too much longer my mom yelled, 'Auryanna, Lexi, Brianna come down stairs your father and I have something to tell you.'

So we all rushed into the living room and sat down on the couch waiting for someone to speak. My dad started talking and said, 'I am moving back to your grandma's for a while.'

I thought it was just for a little bit and he was moving back, but no that's not how it was this time.

He kept talking, ' Your mom and I are splitting up so I will only be at grandma's until I can find a house to live in.'

Then my mom stated talking, ' When we get back from Pennsylvania your dad is going to start moving out and so are we.'

A while of silence hit the room and all you could hear was the pipes rattling. My mom broke the silence and kept talking, ' I found a smaller but nice house not too far down the street from here. You will still be going to the same school.'

That was about as much as I could take, so I got up silently, put my head down hoping no one would talk to me and walked up to my room. When I got up there I took a seat by my window so I could think about things. Like what was going to happen and what is it going to be like; only living with my mom. I was so scared. Would I ever get to see my dad again? I had no clue. This was one of the worst days of my life. Once I calmed down I got up slowly and walked downstairs to see if it was time for dinner. When I got in the kitchen, I saw the table was set and my mom told me it was time to eat.

Right before I sat down my mom said, ' I left something out, I forgot to tell you that you will get to go see your dad every other weekend.

I was so astonished and relieved. This might have been a really bad night but that statement made it a little better.

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