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THe Elevator

November 12, 2008
By Anonymous

The morning of a Saturday, I was on my way to the second floor of The Hiltons, in the elevator with four other individuals. After a while sitting in uncomfortable silence, we all noticed that the elevator stopped moving. The first thing I thought to do was to hit the fire alarm button, but nothing happened. Personally, I’m terrified of elevators. I noticed that the couple behind me, a girl with short, brown hair and the guy with short, brown hair as well, was being absolutely quiet and possibly unaware of what is happening. The lady with blond hair next to them just seemed irritated that she was going to be late wherever she had to be. Then the other girl with long, dark brown hair right behind me, just stood there as if she was in her own little world. Since we are all stuck, I thought I might as well should introduce myself and engage with everyone so time will pass by. The girl with long, dark brown hair seemed bashful so I went with her first. She had very bright green eyes and was dressed in express clothes. Smelled like the perfume from Ralph Lauren Rocks. She told me that her name was Lindsay and she is a graduate at Indiana University. She seemed fairly nice but also a little rude in a nice way; cocky. Looking to my right I went towards the couple who were sitting down kissing each other as if this could be their last day together. The boy’s name is Braydon and his girlfriend’s name is Haley. They were very adorable together and very polite. He dressed like an Abercrombie and Fitch model, while she dressed more in like Pac Sun clothing. They both filled up the elevator with a light fragrance. The blond haired girl dressed in sassy clothes was kind even though you could tell she was absolutely irritated being stuck in an elevator with us. Everyone started talking to one another but we all got some hunger pangs after being locked in this cubicle room for so long. Since no one still has not come for us, their attitudes changed towards me. Braydon and Haley were starting to argue over things that didn’t even matter at this moment. The two girls weren’t getting along anymore. Everyone just needed some food and to relax. Sitting by myself I started to feel some tingles and jingles, I knew right then I had to use the bathroom. There was just no way out of here. Haley and Braydon stopped arguing but now weren’t speaking to each other. Lindsay and Jesse had started speaking to one another again but now were just being catty. I thought that I would never get out of there alive. As everyone was arguing over dumb little things I could hear some noises coming from above the elevator. I asked Braydon if he could please lift me up so I could open the top of the elevator. When I did I looked up and saw two men doing construction. I cried for help. They said that they would work their way down to help us get out. When they finally reached us everyone was cheering. Braydon and Haley were kissing again. Lindsay and Jesse were hugging each other. It was like Christmas morning. Once we all got out, we exchanged numbers and decided to go out sometime. Then everyone left as if nothing had happened.

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i liked it, it was funny- alot like what i thought would happen if i was stuck in an elevator.