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January 29, 2016
By FoodSlyer GOLD, Lakeland, Florida
FoodSlyer GOLD, Lakeland, Florida
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“Just put your foot on the brakes.” Anna’s mom said with caution as she attempted to drive through the four way intersection.
“I can’t.” Anna was a sophomore in high school and would be sixteen in two months. She was the family baby so, of course her parents would be trying to kick her out of the house. STUDENT DRIVER was boldly printed on the car’s bumper. She sighed as she finally entered into Clearview community, lakes, trees, and signs lining the sides of the entrance.
“Watch out!” Her mom said as a beverage truck advertising Coke swerved into them. The impact of the hit sent Anna’s head crashing against the wheel. The airbag flew a punch at her already broken neck.
“Anna!” Her mom screamed while gulping down mouthfuls of salty lake water. She started panicking, fumbling to get the glove compartment open. She grabbed her umbrella and thrashed at the glass until she could get out. She checked to see if Anna was alive, but blood was already suffusing through the water. She looked at her neck again. No blood was coming from it. She looked down below, a crocodile held her ankle in firm grip. But she couldn’t feel it though, pain became a figment of her imagination when her daughter died.
Releasing her last breath, she whispered, “To hell I go.”

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