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Battle 517

October 30, 2015
By VM709 DIAMOND, Ormond Beach, Florida
VM709 DIAMOND, Ormond Beach, Florida
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It was another battle. 

Everything was  a battle  . 

Tommrow was Halloween

and todays eating was already a struggle. 

They'd made her coffee wrong

cream instead of skim milk 

and inside her brain was giving her a living . 

That puts you 280 calories over where your supposed to be a 2 

You know you shouldnt have drank that

or asked for a new . 

Why did you drink that? 

And she thought to herself...

why did i drink that? 

Because it tasted good  - 

and I liked it. 

Thats why I ate it ...

but she knew what her mind was going to do 

it was in binging mode. 

She had let herself had sugar - 

and so now it needed more 

and so she ate cookies - 

and animal crackers

and soda 

and cake 

and soon she was 3000 caloires over her limit for the ENTIRE DAY.

And so she leans over the toilet 

because nobodys home

and she throws up what shes ate

and the worlds as good as new

except its not 

cause she ruptured her esophogas

and now shes in the hospital 

over a lousy piece of choclate 

and now shes in the psych ward

and she dosent know what to do 

because if she forces herself not to restrict

soon shell be purging to . 

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