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Unknown to man

June 25, 2015
By VM709 DIAMOND, Ormond Beach, Florida
VM709 DIAMOND, Ormond Beach, Florida
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They'd all come from places unknown to man. They'd come for places to live, a place to cope. They'd come to get away from their parents. They'd all come searching for something and they'd all been thrown together. Their lives had been complex, but together they made the perfect group of friends. That day had been stormy , rainy , and--quite honestly-- disgusting. Nineteen-year-old Bryan had just walked away from his therapy group. He wasn't the most handsome boy. He was sadistic at times, and he had a large zit right above his left eye. He wore thick glasses and he was rather...well, he was fat. He was obese, to say it politely. He had a disorder; binge eating disorder, in fact, that had been brought on from a young age from abusive parents and the way to cope had been food. He'd escaped the first chance he took. He'd graduated a year late, though; he'd had to take a year off after his suicide attempt. He couldn't handle the stress anymore.
  Than there was Bobby. He was the oldest one in the group. He was 27 years old , he had a carrear as an assistant vetranarian and he was making good money but than his life began to fall apart. His wife left him and after losing everything , including his three children. In a custoady battle he had nowehere to turn. The only thing she left him with was a rock collection and 50000 dollars of alomoney. And so he decided to redisocver himself. After living with his parents for two months he had decided to reenroll in college, and go back for his vetranarian degree to start a new chapter of his life, hoping to meet a blushing maiden. '
  Finally, we had the artist. A master sculpture, a prodigy who'd never had parents who were truly his. He could have gone to any college he wanted, but he choose a small college in Iowa, because his birth parents were rumored to have lived there. He was quite a handsome boy: well built and muscular, chisled like the sculptures he created. But he was single. He refused to love, because no one had ever loved him. Sure, his foster family had been nice, but they had always valued love with money, and that wasnt something Joe had ever cared for. He had never wanted money; he had just wanted to have someone who cared about him and his passions.
  And so this is where our story begins: these three young boys meet, and begin their college journey of freedom together, but all three are about to be in for more than what they bargained. The first night at the college, they were invited to a college party, and all three--being innocent of mind and nature--accepted the inviatation. Any wise person would have known that the only reason freshmen get invited to college parties is for hazing, but these three boys had very little common sense. And so they went to this party, and by the time they arrived, it was in full swing. The lights were going, and the music was blarring and they walked in, and they were seperated by the large crowd, and each found their own self that night.
Each of them faced their own Hell. None of them got out the same. 

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