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She Was

November 10, 2014
By FromTheHeart14 PLATINUM, Roswell, Georgia
FromTheHeart14 PLATINUM, Roswell, Georgia
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"Everything happens for a reason."

She looked into the water at her reflection and what did she see? Nothing. Nothing that anyone could ever love, accept,
or desire in their lives. She was nothing.

Or was she? Was she beautiful? She had the colors of the rainbow upon her skin. The colors of the rainbow, which embodied a unification of light, a unification of the loveliest parts of personality into one body. She was a perfect harmonic combination of mystical splendor, promise and enlightenment.

She had LIFE; she brightened the day when she walked into a room.

She had HOPE; hope that one day, everyone could be as genuine and compassionate as she.

She had DIVINITY; God had created her to be who she was, and only who she was.

She had PROMISE; promise that she would be something different in this world.

She had POTENTIAL; the potential to be a person worth remembering, for more than just…

She had HARMONY; so many different features that created one dreamlike soul.

But most of all,

She had individuality. She had her own ideas. She had her own way of life. She had kindness. She had love, and had been loved. She had compassion. She had light.                        

All because she was unique, she was irreplaceable, she was rare.

She, was a RAINBOW.

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