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Forever a runaway

September 29, 2014
By Creative-Writer BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Creative-Writer BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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We know what we are, but know not what we may be. -William Shakespeare

My blood boiled with anger as she said her horrid words.   Tears fled my cheeks, and I could feel my heart beat rising.  I couldn't fight it anymore.  Not after so many times, and so many different faults that weren't even mine.  "shut up you b****!" I screamed at my terrible mother for the first time.  "No more! No more lies!" I balled up my fists'.  Years I have dealt with this, years I fought myself to hold myself back.  Not anymore, I can't, It's too much. 
She lunged at me, and that's when I made my move.  when I pushed her to the floor, she looked up at me Dazed, Amazed that I dodged her.  But I warned her! I told her I could only take so much.  I guess she didn't believe I would do what I say.  She mumbled something, and I pretended not to hear, Not to care.  But really, I don't want to repeat what she said. 
I'm not a bad person, I'm not evil.  I just don't deal with stress, or ignorant people, or abusive parents.  That is why I didn't stay, that is why, still to this day, I haven't gone back, and I never will.  So that is how my journey began.  But when will it end? if It will end at all?
when I stomped up the stairs to my room, I heard her pick herself up.  And that was why I began to run.  I am glad I fell now; Although It hurt, and left a bruise on my hip.  Because that is how I discovered the missing brick.  In the space the brick was gone, was Simply a paper and a half sharpened pencil. I don't know how I knew, But I figured it was left on intention by my dad.  He was clever, and somehow knew the way I thought, the way I moved, and how I planned.  Maybe he could just tell the future?
I snatched the note, and continued running up the stairs, and just as I reached my room, my mother called my name from the bottom of the stairs.  I slammed the door, and slumped against it.  when I open the note the only thing on it was 'you can do it baby.  don't back down'.  I took in his encouraging words.  I had planned on Running away sense the bruises first began coming along. sense the pain was first running through my nerves. 
So I did.  I locked my door, and packed as much clothes in my bag as I could.  the Black velvety cloth of my book bag felt like the same texture of the carpet.  but when I remembered about my charging Samsung 4G, I couldn't leave without it.  It was one of the gifts my dad had got me for my birthday.  something I wasn't willing to leave behind.  I unplugged the charger and shoved it into my bag.  When Annabelle, my mother,  began banging crazily on my door, I was already slipping my hoodie over my head, and my sneakers on my feet. 
I heard the door giving in slowly, and heard the cracking of wood.  Carefully, I pushed my window open, and set my bag on the ledge of the roof.  "God dam it Kalee!" she snapped.  "Imma beat you black and blue if you don't open this door!"  I made sure my phone was in my hoodie pocket, and turned out the light.  "you would anyway!" I said as I climbed out the window.  when I was out, and was able to keep my balance, I quietly shut the window, and flung my bag over my shoulder. 
The February  night was still cold from winter, and frost was on the ground.  so when I landed with an aching roll, It was harder for me to pick myself up.  I took the last glance of the house, and stopped to look for a second.  My dad was waving to me from his bedroom window, and blew me a kiss.  I swore, and still swear today, that I felt it land on my cheek.  I waved to him goodbye, and scurried off when the light in my own bedroom flipped on.

The author's comments:

I want to continue writing this as a book, but I want to know if it is good enough.  Please give me your honest opinions.

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