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Power of a Story

June 30, 2014
By lstclair BRONZE, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
lstclair BRONZE, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
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She slid the book from its place off the shelf. Dust still lingered on the tips of the pages and floated in the air. The cover was of soft leather, supple and worn. The girl ran her fingers over the cover, sliding over the title and image. She began to read, captivated and mesmerized by the words as they swirled to life. They floated off the pages forming figures and creatures as the story enfolded. The girl laughed as she watched them dance, their feet hovering off the ground, off the pages. With each turn of the page, the words grew and grew, filling the room with images and bright colors, with actions and faces, with depth and emotion. The girl smiled, laughed, cried, and bled, becoming one with the characters. Once the last sentence was read, the figures and creatures retreated back into the pages, awaiting the next child to flip through its pages to experience its story, heart, and emotions.

Although the story was done, the magic had not run its course. The pages may turn to dust and the bind may break but the story will always linger, breathing and living, laughing and dancing inside the girl’s thoughts, memories, and dreams.

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