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US Army Veteran PTSD

June 30, 2014
By lstclair BRONZE, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
lstclair BRONZE, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
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I can hear their screams in the darkest of nights. Their faces haunt my mind, their eyes boring holes in my skull. A pile of empty pill bottles lay by my bed, yet even the most powerful drug couldn’t numb the pain and settle the battle inside my head. I stay awake waiting until my memories turn to smoke as I franticly try to grasp the fleeting images, begging them to return inside my mind. Although it pains me, I cannot forget the faces of the dead, my brothers, my enemies, my commander, my friends. Food and drink turn to ash in my mouth. My smile, long faded, has left me with gaping hole, a dungeon filled with pain. I crave the innocent dreamless sleep, yet still their faces are imbedded in my mind, burned into my heart and I am plagued by their empty hollow stares.

The author's comments:
This is dedicated to all U.S. Army Veterans who are suffering or who had suffered from Post Traumatic Stress

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