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I saved my mom and I

November 19, 2008
By Morgan Ashmore SILVER, Centralia, Washington
Morgan Ashmore SILVER, Centralia, Washington
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As I stood, the gun to my head and his arm wrapped around my throat... I wondered if this would be my last minutes... alive. Sweat rolling down my head as I look at mom… her in the same position as I but with a different man, who has a knife. she lips the words "I love you." this makes tears run down my face. "It’s not over." I tell myself. “I will live through this and so will my mom.” Ignoring the words coming out of the two men. I look around, seeking anything that can help. I see the phone a couple feet away from me on the floor. If I could just get out of his arms to run to it. I decide to go for it. I bite his arm… hardest I ever could. He screeches in pain and drops the gun. I run to grab the phone not worrying about the gun. I start running faster trying to find a place or a room where I am safe to call the police. I run in the bathroom, wondering where the unknown man is…I lock the door. Pure silence. That’s odd. Especially since there are two men two times the size of me in my house outside the room. I kept giving myself the pep talk inside my head. “You can do this.” And before I press anything on the phone in my hand, I stop. “Mom!” I think to myself. What is happening to her right now? Then out of the silence it happens…“Bang Bang” someone was banging on the bathroom door. I hear the man yelling at me “Open the door!”
Then I hear mom “Honey don’t open that door!” mom says with fear in her voice.
“Call the cops!” she continues.
“Shut up!” I hear the man say.
“Ouch!” I hear mom cry.
I am now sitting in the bathroom against the door, crying, and feeling the banging on the door behind me. He obviously then remembered he had a gun. He starts shooting at the door, I jump up screaming, now my body scrunched on the toilet, as each bullets enters the bathroom even though the bullets only putting little holes through the door. Then I hear the “clink” noise telling me he is out of bullets. Relief enters my body. I then get the courage, and call the police. I hear the lady “911 emergency where are you and what’s happening?”
I take a deep breath, “934 Brancherd Road. There are two men in my house, they want to get into my dads safe and my mom won’t give them the combination to the lock. They have my mom! Please hurry!”
“Ok. Police will be on there way. Just come down and try to stay safe!”
“Ok please please hurry!” I say.
“We will” and she hangs up.
I stand up. Confident now. “I called the cops. They are on their way. You better not touch my mom. Let her go now.” Silence fills the house for a moment.
“What if that little girl is making this up? What if she didn’t call the cops and this is an act?” I hear one man say.
“Alright little girl, you better tell your mom to give us the combination or she will have to pay the consequences.” The other man says.
“Mom gives them the combination so they can get the money and leave! Mom the cops are on there way anyways they won’t get far!” I say. Hoping the men will get a clue.
“Alright man I just wanted the money, not to get arrested. I am out of here!” One man I can hear running to what sounds like the back door, the other man following him, then the back door slams. I can now hear a police car siren but I was far from worrying about that now. I just wanted to see my mom. I swing open the bathroom door. I run into my mom’s arm who is crying sitting on the floor her arm and leg bleeding.
“What did they do to you?” I say crying.
“Doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you are ok. Your so brave honey. I am so proud of you. She says rubbing my hair over my head like all moms do.
I helped mom up. We walk outside to the front door to see the two men being handcuffed and escorted to the few cop cars and ambulance. I give mom another hug. Then look at the two men that were in my house moments earlier. Then the bigger one says with anger and hatred “I‘ll be back.”

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