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The magical shoes

December 3, 2008
By juliaa1234 BRONZE, Milton, Delaware
juliaa1234 BRONZE, Milton, Delaware
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have magical shoes? Not the kind you click your heels three time and your home.The magical shoes I'm talking about is the shoes for some one to be in your body and see what your life is like.

Some people really need these magical shoes,they get bullied so much they need a break and for the bully to step into their life.I know that most people get bullied so much they start thinking about suicide to ease their pain.Trust me your not the only ones.And for those people that haven't ever thought of committing suicide probably think your dumb,Maybe they need the magical shoes.

I knew this girl her name was Jessica some people call her a "nerd" or a "geek"some times even "emo".She wasn't always up to date on fashion and always depressed and always had scars all over her.

Well in middle school and high school away to survive from being bullied to go along while others are being bullied.So i usually laughed when people made fun of her and sometimes I was the one making fun of her.I regret doing that because one day I was in bed thinking about Jessica and why she was always sad and depressed.Then it hit me,the magical shoe hit me right on the forehead and left a bruise i will have for the rest of my life.

I thought about it and It all made sense Jessica was always depressed and had scars like she had just been in a fight.She had been abused by her guardian.Then the magical shoes took me to her house where I was the one being beaten and abused.Then before i knew it I was crying.I cried so hard that I cried myself to sleep.

The next day I went to school hoping to see Jessica.Then the teacher announced Jessica was dead not hit by a car but from suicide.No one really cared.But I did,I cared so much I started crying again.In middle school and High school the first mistake you do not want to do is cry in public.

But I couldn't help it I was crying like a little baby.Now i was the weird girl Every body was looking at me like i was half crazy.But I knew why i was crying.I was crying because I finally put the magical shoes on and now that I understand Jessica's gone.Maybe if the kids that made fun of her put on the magical shoes then Jessica would still be alive.

And if Jessica put on the magical shoes in her imagination she wouldn't have killed herself and every time she got called a name she would have not cared because then maybe she would put on those shoes and forget about all her trouble.

All her stress at home and at school would lifted off her shoulder.maybe if I had thought of the magical shoes earlier I could have told Jessica and we would have drifted away into our own paradise

The author's comments:
i thought this story would be good for people who are going through the same troubles. i do see this going on all over.I had to make a story someone could relate to.

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