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Dear my beloved fans,

January 28, 2014
By CarolynRose GOLD, Ringoes, New Jersey
CarolynRose GOLD, Ringoes, New Jersey
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Dear my beloved fans,

August 5, 1962

Being a star isn’t all glitz and glamour. I never felt like I belonged. I have been thrown back and forth between foster families and then failed several marriages. I am not worth anyone’s time. I fell in love with Mr. President, but he did not want me. I feel like a half used tube of lipstick on the bottom of someone’s purse. I preach to women to have confidence but I don’t have any myself.
So now, I must say goodbye. I have enjoyed the rollercoaster of being a model but my time has come to an end. To all the girls that think you’re fat because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one, its society who’s ugly. I can not keep waking up and doing this everyday. I cannot fake a smile. I am hurting and cannot let people see me like this. I want my fans to remember me for who I was, not who I have become. On the pages of the magazines, I was Marilyn Monroe, but in my heart I am Norma Jeane. I hope I was able to inspire women to embrace their flaws and love their curves. Just because I cannot fight depression doesn’t mean you can’t. I sit here now with a bottle in my hand. A few pills later I will be gone from the earth but hopefully never from your hearts.

Stay beautiful,
Marilyn Monroe

The author's comments:
I wrote this letter in the point of view of Marilyn Monroe. This is how I imagine her suicide letter.

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