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Walking down the sidewalk kicking a rock with my little brother and talking to my brother. I know my brother doesn’t talk ,but feel that my and best friend jack and I have connections with brother he hardly talk to your mom and never talks my dad because is afraid of my dad.We just got to the house it’s small house, and my brother and I need share room . It was dinner it rains hard outside thunder sound .I am sleepy and hungry, but feel happy that my brother does not go hungry.Well my father just came from work he looks tired and all drift on the clothes work hard for us and work three job in a day in the field picking berries.one day ,I going to get a job help him for all the work he had done for me. had”max go talk shower ‘’said max mother . fine responded hate shower because my shower outside in the cold night beside it just finished rain that mean water going to be very cold .

That night when I was about to sleepy I hear something someone was cry I when out of my room I thought it my brother no it was my mother want to come to her but I could not go to her I feel that my leg where glue to the floor. I saw that she had a mail in her head in that moment I know that we are in debt I run to the house the allow person want see right now was jack I run to his house I ring the doorbell her mom answer hi max need to talk jack. yes please I respond.
Hey, Max said Jack “what going on”? Well my family in debt just need to talk somebody .”You can just sleepy over just call mom if want to talk” said jack.Ok that fine I just call my mom she said yes so I was about to sleepy but when hear someone crying but through John but it not it was my mom I just stand never went to her it gonna be alright but Now felt sad for not help her out .Said what going on felt much better It moring know to go to school I just remember that my birthday come up .I was going to to be eighthly-teen about now I never thought about college but I felt I am not going to college because i have no money and need to my parent . were going to have a test if we are ready for college the the test just start the first part of the test was easy.The second half was little hard but know some of it.

The weekday was here it was saturday i about starting my first job with my dad and we were going to pick some let. final it was lunchtime and all the people cool down with water . My lunch was just a sandwich, it was best one very eat. That afternoon it was very hot my dad could take no more he sat. down i said not sit down to him he said i can not take it little time the person not look In that moment my heart was going off like a bell the worst thing in my live was the next ten seconds. The guy scream his life he said to my father were fried That word was going to my head fired and fired in my heart I cry . That afternoon after went to work my dad was junk because lost job my brother came to him said are you right i When I just came to the door I saw a little boy crying stop please and my dad with the belt in his hand in that moment that love over my dad was done i came to my dad I got my fits hit my dad in the noise. I not want know felt my dad was all right all my body was at my brother remember said to him are you right he clean his self of tears and give me big hug me and brother want stay to jck house night and jack said to happy birthday to me.Just remember wow hit me dad in my birthday so jack bought cake for us to eat it was best food ever my stomach was happy i saw the face john when he eat it.

it was last day school we go are scored back my scored was ninety -six wow i said also the teacher said to me can i talk to you . The teacher are school make test so if all kids who got a ninety or high we give them a scholarship to go college I was so happy I can go to college and jack got one too both can to college. that night I saw my mom crying because my dad got a new job the will pay him more money all three jobs. That night my dad said sorry to my brother he was crying to him and he was in gound i was about cry to .Than my brother said to him i love dad give my dad big huge my got my in the air move around in a circle also tell my parents that going college my dad came to me said were nice brother and son you never give up I brave of .

It was guaranteed day I need to speak to the class how I work hard to be here my family was poor but never in love we were rich and ‘’now I can help my family now i can see my brother grow each day that way I never give up hope You Like I did and now i am start new chapter in my life with my family Thank you.

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