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I Dreamed Last Night...

June 11, 2012
By ScienceLover PLATINUM, Colden, New York
ScienceLover PLATINUM, Colden, New York
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Last night.
I dreamed of riding on a dolphin. The wind whistled through my hair and the water grazed my legs. The water wasn’t cold; it was more of a medium temperature. The breeze rustled through my hair, as the sent of saltwater graced my nose. I felt free riding up on that dolphin.
I was riding it for what felt like hours. It was absolutely amazing. I could actually keep my balance without and effort. I wasn’t afraid of falling of the dolphin to my death. I enjoyed it, despite my fear of drowning.
The dolphin escorted me to an island. I carefully thanked him and walked onto the beach, noticing my surroundings. I was in utter awe of the landscape. There were two relatively small mountains forming a perfect v-shape. In the middle of each of the mountains, a castle was carved out. To my left, the castle was carved in what appeared to be white marble, while on my right, the castle seemed to be carved out of ebony. Vegetation surrounded the castles, making them appear to be the only civilization on this island. All around the island, there was a smooth sand beach. The island was surrounded by water as far as I could see.
Out on nowhere, a regal-looking man with sandy hair, and a muscular build comes walking towards me. I instantly recognize him as Aaron, my king. I start to curtsey in my intricate laced dress but he cuts me off saying, “Not, now my queen; Let’s not use formalities while we are alone. Come, we must go to your castle.” He says with a sweet an innocent but yet regal voice. He grabs my arm, so that I am standing to his right, like I usually do. Stupefied, I say, “Ok.”
We, in a couple steps, make it to the steps of the black castle. I can see more clearly how beautiful this castle is. It had a large staircase with over a thousand steps. There were parts that jutted out of the sides at either end of the steps. On each of those sides, there was an intricate carving of what appeared to be a demon. I assumed it was to ward out evil. The roof hung over the entire staircase. There were double doors that looked like they weighted close to a thousand pounds. They each had abstract intricate carvings on the entire door. I though I saw a person screaming on the door to the right but I thought it was my imagination.
Like a gentleman, he opens the door for me. I can’t say how he was able to even try to open that door alone but he did it with ease. I graciously stepped inside. There was a long hallway leading into what appeared to be a throne room. Inside there was only one black throne and high cathedral-style windows on one wall. It let in this beautiful light. Aaron said, “What do you think, my queen?” in an affectionate tone. “I love it,” I immediately responded, “But where’s your throne.” “This is your castle, my queen, not mine. My castle is on the other mountain. This one belongs only to you.” He answered triumphantly. I smiled and blushed. “Sit, my queen, sit.” He said gesturing to the throne.
As I sit the smile drops from his face, replaced by a sickening smirk. Confused, I try to get up to see what’s wrong but I can’t get out of the chair. As I struggle to get out of the chair I realize my hands are stuck to the armrests. I look to Aaron for help but I’m met with a cold stare.
“Do you know how much you embarrassed me?” He said menacingly. When I gave him a blank stare, he continued, “Don’t act like you have no idea what I’m talking about! With Jesse, when you happened to ‘defend yourself’ as you’d call it. Everyone is saying that you two were getting along pretty well. Nothing too serious happened, until you punched him in the face! How could you?”
“He left me no choice.” I yell in desperation, “Please, Aaron, believe me. Jesse called me a ‘slut’ then tried to make a move on me! I swear if I didn’t have to I wouldn’t of! Just help me get out of this chair and I’ll explain it to you! Please!” I start to cry.
“Please! You are a slut. Always have, always will be. Nothing can change that. Just that you’d give me that fake sex story, just shows it. You’d rather have someone in your pants, I know, but sometime you need to answer to what you do!” He screamed.
“Please, Aaron! Don’t leave! Just listen to me! Please!” I was crying in desperation. I was sobbing relentlessly at this point.
“Wipe your tears! We both know how sorry you are.” He said mockingly, “Fine. I won’t leave. I’ll come up and join you on you throne, just like you wanted me to.”
He walks up on the throne and sits on my lap so that he is facing me. I can do nothing because I am stuck to the throne. He leaned in and whispered, “I’m sorry my queen but this is karma for what you did to Jesse.”
I felt the first hit before I am able to register it. I saw my glasses fly across the room and fall to the ground. I kept staring at them through all of the screaming, punches and slaps. I just kept thinking how lonely they looked, sitting on the floor, without an owner, like something completely lost in this world. I kept staring at them until my vision went blurry. I, then, saw the walls, smeared with red, melt, as I passed out.

I woke with a start in my warm bed. I sit up startled and reach for my phone, just to make sure that earlier that night wasn’t part of the dream. In the screen, I can see the horrible cuts and bruises cover my face before I turn it on. Well, that part wasn’t a dream. I see the texts from Aaron, apologizing and begging, pleading for me to come back.
I smile as I lay back.
I will never again be the tortured queen.

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