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The Scary Truth

December 16, 2011
By majorfannatic BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
majorfannatic BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
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Favorite Quote:
“…because nerds like us are allowed to be unironically enthusiastic about stuff… Nerds are allowed to love stuff, like jump-up-and-down-in-the-chair-can’t-control-yourself love it. Hank, when people call people nerds, mostly what they’re saying is ‘you like stuff.’ Which is just not a good insult at all. Like, ‘you are too enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness’.”
― John Green

‘In the late 1800’s, in the small town out in the middle of nowhere, lived typical families of about five to six children. The little town of Hamelin housed the family of a local farmer. This farmer went by Alek. His family consisted of his twin daughters, Scarlet and Mary, and his only son, Blair. His wife was a house wife and always made sure there was food on the table when her husband arrived home.

One night Alek thumped his way in the door of his house and breathed in a whiff of but no salty savory delicious smell of supper. But what he did smell was the musty dank stench of his old dilapidated house that mimicked the shape of the other houses in town. Furious that there was no food and that his wife was nowhere to be found, Alek stormed to the neighbors house. Alek smashed his fist so hard on the door that it almost gave in. When the door finally opened a stout woman with a stern face was staring up at him.

“Do you know where the heck my family could be?” Alek was practically yelling at the woman.

“If you had been the slightest bit patient, I would have been over in two minutes to tell you that your son has fallen ill. The rest of your family has gone to be with him at the hospital.” And with that she turned around and jerked the door shut.

Now you think that a father should be worried that his son is ill. But Alek was completely furious that his son was too ignorant to not fall ill. Alek stormed across Main Street to the hospital. The towns’ people noticed that he was engulfed in a fire of wild rage and distaste.

The doors of the hospital flew open. Alek stop to demand where his family was and he stormed off after the shaking nurse pointed him in the right direction. An ugly, fearful cloud hung in the halls as Alek stormed to the room in which his family resided. The door was jutting out, slightly ajar. A sickly ghost of a boy sat frail in the bed; a tearful mother fragile sat next to the bed. The little girls sat in the corner singing nursery rhymes to each other. Alek was furious and without even thinking he slammed the door and pulled the handle off. He started the room on fire.

That night nearly every floor of the hospital burned as the sun hid behind the mountains. And as it rose the next morning the civilians carefully scoured the ruins of the charred building that was once the towns’ hospital. The only body found was that of Alek the angry father. He was found in a closet stripped down to his underwear with a rope around his neck. Legend has it that he, his family, and few other patients that perished in the fire still roam the grounds where the old hospital used to stand.’

“Just a reminder student, Stay safe this Halloween weekend,” said the echoing voice of a principal in a bubble around the school in a high hoped reminder.

“This weekend is going to be awesome!” said an ecstatic Scarlet to her best friend Jamie as they walked out of the school.

“So you mean you’re in with the haunted house thing?” Jamie asked almost jumping in the air.

Scarlet turned to Jamie as they both stopped, her face showed no emotion. “If by haunted house thing you mean that we will go see the old church that was built on the area where the haunted hospital used to be. Then you can defiantly count me in.” She finally smiled and laughed at the end of her fake, but hilariously stern speech.

“Are you quite finished Scar?” Jamie asked with a sly smirk. He shoved Scarlet’s shoulder just enough as to where she stumbled a little bit to the side. She laughed and stood next to Jamie once again.

When a black as night 1995 Beretta pulled up in front of the school Scarlet got in after she promised to call Jamie with their plans later that night. Jamie walked home. When he got home there was no one else there. This was his usual ritual after school.

Jamie was bored so he went into his room, threw his book bag on the floor, and plopped down hard on his bed. Staring up at the glow-in-the-dark stars that had remained on his ceiling since he was young had always brought him comfort. Although things in his room had changed, like the posters of haunted houses and various bands that now littered the walls, it always attracted attention. Jamie rolled over and hit the play button on his iPod. As some of Jamie’s favorite oldies blasted through the speakers he got up and walked over to his computer which was sitting on his desk across the room.

As he did so Jamie felt a cool wind blow across the back of his neck. He turned around, but nothing was there. This was happening to him a lot lately. So when the call came through his cell phone with a loud buzz, Jamie nearly jumped half way across the room. The call was from Scarlet. She was ready and wanted to know if Jamie was too. When he said he was ready, there was a blare of her Berettas horn outside his house. He grabbed his jacket and a bag holding a camera and his iPod. As he ran outside the front door he didn’t have a single thought at all about telling his parents where he was going.

As the two friends drove from county to county the sun dropped behind the mountains while the moon rose up to full glory. When they finally reached the old abandoned ghost church there was already a couple of people there. Two of the people looked as though they were amateur directors with a little hand-held camera and a bag filled with other gadgets. A group of three teenagers were messing around a car parked out front. As Jamie and Scarlet drove up the teenagers all looked. The directors simply acted as if there was no one else arriving. When the Berettas engine ceased its rumble they got out.

Jamie and Scarlet, flashlights in hand, walked over to the other group of teens. “So what are guys here?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” asked one of them. “There’s a creepy cemetery next to a haunted church. What else would we be doing here?”

Jamie and Scarlet just walked away after that. They went over to the directors, hoping for a good conversation there.

“So what do you plan to do here tonight?” Scarlet asked the one who didn’t look like he was to busy.

“We plan to try to capture the imagers of some ghost spirits tonight,” he said looking up at Scarlet. “What are you doing here?”

“My friend and I were planning to do a little ghost finding ourselves.” She said gliding back to where Jamie stood two feet back and reaching her arm up to put it on his shoulder.

“Well than maybe we can stick together?”

Jamie looked down at Scarlet than he turned his head and said to the ghost hunter “Sure.”
When eleven p.m. came a group of four walked into a church that was not very keen on letting them leave. Unknown to them, a figure in the steeple of the church sat in wait.

Walking up the front of the church leading with cameras at the ready, circling the entire church, where the two ghost hunters. The full moon shed its light through giant gaping holes in the roof. Scarlet stopped by one of the pews and picked up one of the hymn books that were sitting in the corner. She looked at in the moons glorious light, surprised that is hadn’t disintegrated into a fine dust as soon as she picked it up. The pages were a beautiful golden brown. As she looked at them she thought for a moment that the music might just jump off the page and run around the walls, cleaning the dirt and grime away. Setting the book down, she walked up to the alter where Jamie stood admiring the beautiful artwork that was the stained glass picture of Jesus with a few cracks and holes here and there.

When a blood curdling scream came, from up above in the choir loft, they both jumped. Turning around they saw both of the ghost hunters running up the stairs towards the loft. Jamie and Scarlet had disapproving looks on their faces, but followed to make sure that their new friends were ok. As they were at the top of the steps they were surprised to find nothing but two bewildered faces hiding behind their cameras. Scarlet rushed to the edge and looked down; making sure that no one was playing a prank on them. When she turned around, not having found anything, she saw a quick movement and then found herself flailing over the edge of the rail. At the last moment she felt something or rather someone grab her arm. She looked up and saw Jamie’s hand s pulling her to her safety. As soon as she was back on solid ground she embraced Jamie in a death-grip bear hug.

“What just happened?” asked a nervous Jamie.

With tears streaming down her face, in a hysterical voice she replied, “Something pushed me. It must have been one of those creeps!”

“No, no, no,” he said in a chidingly. “They were next to me the whole time.”

“Hey check this out!” One of the hunters was holding out his camera. Jamie led the fragile Scarlet over to the man. When they got there the man replayed the scene of Scarlet by the ledge.
They gasped as a light appeared to run into Scarlet, pushing her over the ledge.

“If there is a spirit that violent here than I don’t think that it’s safe for you to stay here any longer.”As the man finished he was thrown across the church. A final yell of agony escaped his lips. He crashed through the stained glass Jesus. Rainbow glass rained down on the mess that had overtaken the church through its years. Up on the loft they heard a thud as the dead body hit the ground

Tears overtaking ninety percent of her face, Scarlet was scared of what might happen to them. The three of them were left in the church, one ghost hunter with two cameras and two terrified teens, huddled together in a group. Jamie and Scarlet had no idea that a ghost could do something like that. The ghost hunter was the first to speak.

“I need to get you out of here,” said the anxious ghost hunter.

When he was finished the world fell eerily quiet. No sound from scurrying animals outside, no wind whistling through the open gaps on the ceiling. There was nothing but dead silence. Then suddenly a noise so loud it woke the dead and made the dust covering the church jump came from what seemed everywhere.

The church now started to feel like a sauna. As the group of three swiftly made their way downstairs and over to the one and only exit to the church, they found that the door was stuck. No matter how hard they tried, the doors wouldn’t budge. The room started to feel slightly warm.

With the same thoughts running through their heads as an invisible fire burst up around them, they were mortified. Jamie had a sudden burst of curiosity and without thinking; he grabbed one of the cameras and directed it around the room. The screen showed a ghost fire, building up to touch the ceiling. He stepped back and dropped the camera as a figure blazed toward it. As he turned around he saw the other two passed out on the floor and he knew that the heat was getting to him too. The bright light came back at him again, but this time Jamie could see it without the aid of a camera. It hit him but he didn’t feel anything as his world went black.

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