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High School Joke

July 19, 2011
By BitBit SILVER, Haltom, Texas
BitBit SILVER, Haltom, Texas
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"I see you're checking out Vance again." Vera says mockingly. I roll my eyes. "Whatever Vera." "Sorry hon but it's so painfully obvious that aliens on Mars know it." I smack her on the shoulder laughing. Veronica walks by us and gives us a sneer. She goes over to Vance and drapes herself around him like a scarf.

"God she's so sleazy" I say. "Sorry Sage, but sleazy is what a guy like Vance like. Because sleazy is easy so it's easier for him to get some." I burst out laughing. "You're an awesome friend Vera. You know that?" She flips her hair and smiles. "Of course I do. I'm going to get a shirt made." We both laugh are way to class.

The final bell rings and I rush out of class to my locker. I shoved some things in my locker while I put some books in my bag. "Hey Sage." A deep voice says behind me. I spin around to see Vance standing next to me. "Oh hey." I say trying to hold back my enthusiasm. Vera walks around the corner and sees us she gives me a thumbs up and walks closer. "So whats up Vance?" "Oh I was just wondering if you'd like to go to this party with me tonight. "Really?" I say shocked. I didn't think he knew my name. He gives me a breath taking smile which makes my mouth stretch into a huge grin. "Yeah really." "Um...sure. What time is it." "It's at 7 at Sapphire's house" I nod my head. "All right I'll meet you there." He nods and walks away. "Ohmygod!- Vera shrieks- I'm so coming with." We're bouncing up and down in the hall. "I'm going to help pick out your outfit." "Of course." I say as we walk out to her car.

We pulled up in front of Sapphire's house around 7:05. "Do you think he's here?" I ask nervously. Vera shrugs and gets out of the car. "Does it matter. He'll be here avengely. We walk in and join the kids dancing. I'm having so much fun that I didn't notice Vance walk in. He's standing against the wall, so I walk over to him. "Hey." "Oh. Hey Sage nice outfit." He checks me out and smile. I'm wearing a black mini skirt with a black halter top and converse. "Thanks!" I say with a huge smile.

Veronica walks over and shoves me out o the way and wraps her arms around Vance. She looks at me an gives me a smirk and starts kissing Vance. And what made it worse Vance kissed her back. It was so hard to keep my mouth from dropping to the floor. My checks flushed as Veronica gave me a dirty look. "Whats wrong Sage?-She says in a loud voice-Did you actually think Vance would come to a party with you? Your just some goth nerd." She laughs and gives me a mocking look. I bite my lip to stop it from trembling. Everyone is staring and many are laughing at me. Vera walks over an grabs my arm. "Whats your problem Veronica? Besides letting the whole world know that you're a huge s***!" With that Vera drags me out of the party and back to the car. "I'm so sorry Sage." "No it's all right he's I jerk I should have known better."

Monday, Vera had to drag me out of bed to go to school. "I don't wanna go." "Don't worry everyone got drunk at that party they've had to forgotten." But they didn't forget. Some kids laughed at me while others called me names under their breath. Veronica made sure to give me nasty looks and to make sure I saw her with Vance. Vera stuck by my side and would jump to my defense when someone talked crap. She can be a mean person but that's what makes her a wonderful friend. But what made the day even better was that some kids were still talking about what Vera said to Veronica. Kids would laugh at her too, especially when she would make a show to be all over Vance and making out with him. You could her "s***" and "w****" as well as "loser" and "goth freak" when you walked down the hallways. At least I'm not the only joke at school. I'd rather be a loser than a w****.

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