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A Little Cabin in the Woods

December 9, 2010
By Braids SILVER, Gibsonton, Florida
Braids SILVER, Gibsonton, Florida
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its not all about the mountain, but to the ant running across your shoe

A tragic ending to a peaceful life in the Tushounda family. Their father had died the day there last child was born. The other kids in her family didn’t like her, because it reminds them of that day. She was never allowed to speak of her dad, not even at school when all the other kids were to tell something about their dad for Father’s Day. She couldn’t make anything that her father would be proud of. The little girl’s name was, Mary Sue. No one really liked her, because her siblings were supposedly the popular kids of the school and told everyone not to talk to her. Mary Sue was sad, she never had a true friend, until this new girl came to her school. Mary Sue tries to make friends with her, but she just ignores her. The new girls name was a mystery, no one really knew her, or where she came from. The only thing they knew about her was that she lived in the little cabin in the woods. One day Mary Sue followed the new girl home. Mary Sue didn’t see or hear anything that would be different in any other home. Mary Sue left, but as she was leaving the new girl told her to stop. She knew that Mary Sue was following her the whole time. The new girl told Mary Sue her name. Her name was the most beautiful name Mary Sue had ever heard. Her name was Gloria. The next day at school they both sat together at lunch and talked anytime they could. The entire school was shocked. The popular kids or Mary Sue’s siblings tried to make friends with Gloria, but Gloria already had a friend. Her name was Mary Sue. The popular kids tried to find Mary Sue and tell her that she couldn’t be friends with Gloria anymore, because they wanted to be friends with her and tell her to bag on you like everybody else in the school. Mary Sue had finally stood up for herself and told her siblings to try and make friends with her yourself! After school that day Mary Sue asked her mom if she could go to Gloria’s house. Her mom said it was o.k. as long as she brought one of her siblings. Then Mary Sue felt hatred in the room. Then Mary Sue decided that she didn’t want to go. One day while Mary Sue was at school she felt something bright in her soul. She could hear something coming from somewhere, it said. “My work here is done; you learned to stand up for yourself, and for what’s right. You are living free all because of the girl who lives in the little cabin in the woods.

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