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Somber Bliss

November 11, 2010
By vampirelover BRONZE, Snow Shoe, Pennsylvania
vampirelover BRONZE, Snow Shoe, Pennsylvania
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It happened in slow motion. Our car was on the road and then…….we crashed into a tree. I don’t remember anything after hitting the tree. When I woke up I was in the hospital, yet I wasn’t in my body. It was as if I was hovering, floating over myself. When I realized what was happening, I tried to get back to my body. All I could think about was my mother and sister, they needed me. I was all beat up, my face was bloody and I was a pale as a sheet. I was dying, or already dead. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked over my shoulder to see a beautiful girl with flowing robes, blond hair and wings smiling kindly at me. “My mother,” I cried, “I need to get back to my mother!” She patted my shoulder. “It is your time.” she said.

“No! How could this happen to me! I need to get back to my mother!” I sobbed. She hugged me. I closed my eyes and breathed in her scent of mint. I didn’t notice that she had transported us to the waiting room, where I saw my mother and my little sister. My mother looked like death, and my little sister kept asking, “Where’s Jamie, mama. Can I see Jamie.”

“Hannah! Hannah I’m here baby!” I yelled to her, but I knew she couldn’t hear me. The angel pulled me to her, whispering, “Say goodbye, dear. You will meet them again one day.” I knew that I couldn’t fight her, so I floated down to my mother and kissed her cheek. She turned her head quickly and looked right though me. I took a deep breath and said, “I love you mom. Watch over Hannah.” I then moved on to my three year old little sister. Her face light up, her eyes fixed on me.

“Mama! I see Jamie! It’s Jamie! She’s with an angel mama!” I looked over to the angel. She smiled. “Young children can see Angels and ghost sometimes.” she said as she waved at Hannah. Before I could say anything, I was being pulling into The Light. Hannah was waving, saying, “Bye Jamie! I‘ll see you soon.” More tears ran down my face. If only she knew that I wouldn’t be coming back. When we finally made it to Heaven, I saw my best friend, Heather. She had been in the crash with us, she had been very drunk, as had everyone in the car. Then, I saw someone I hadn’t seen in years. My father stood tall and strong in his military uniform, tears in his eyes.

“Daddy,” I whispered. He nodded. My lips quivered, before I ran into his arms. “Daddy!” I cried. Finally I made it into my fathers arms. I sobbed while he ran his fingers thought my hair. “Shh, its okay baby girl. Daddy’s here.” He cooed. I knew that it would be hard for my mother, but together, my father and I would watch over Hannah and my mom.

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I wrote this because last weekend, three kids from my school crashed while drinking, they had been on an ATV. I do hope they make it. I also wrote this cuz there have been so many people I know that have died in a car crash. I wrote thi while listening to Untitled by Simple Plan.

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