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The Way Things Happen

May 27, 2010
By Miara GOLD, Ottumwa, Iowa
Miara GOLD, Ottumwa, Iowa
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Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.
Dying is a day worth living for.
The problem with being the last of anything is by and by there be none left.

I could feel my heart break as I watched him get teased and picked on. I had been on both ends of that; bully-ing and getting bullied. Now, I would much rather be bullied.

I hated seeing them tear him apart. He was so sweet and funny, but all they saw was how different he was. I saw his heart, they saw his stature.
I saw his glances at me, asking me for help. But I was too afraid of how they would think of me. I actually cared what these preppy idiots thought of me. So I didn't help him.

Day after day. Week after week. Month after month. I did nothing. Absolutely nothing! Just because I didn't want to be on the spotlight.

Then one day I came to school and he wasn't there. He wasn't there all week. That next Monday I found out why.

My friend was dead. It's such a weird statement now. I had never imagined him as my friend before. He had never seemed like the type weak enough to take his own life. But he had, and all because I never stood up for him.

I never forgave myself for not taking his side. For letting the "low-lifes" take his. For not being by his side when he needed me. I imagine I never will.

He's gone forever. I couldn't and can't change that, but I can change who I save from his fate. Those selfish airheads wouldn't take another, from me or anybody else.
Everyone is cared for. Some one will always care for them. In this case, that some one was me.

Last Tuesday I saw The Ones With No Self Respect teasing someone else. I almost punched them. I could feel my anger boiling, getting ready to explode. Had I told my parents about this, they would have called it Rightious Anger. I didn't blow.
I instead went and sat by him. I smiled viciously at them. That smile said; "I blame you for my friend's death. I will not let you kill some one else."
They didn't bother him again. They went for me. I was glad. Ironically, it made me happy that they attacked me, not some one else.

I will never forget my friend. I will never forget what they caused him to do. I will always remember that no one deserves that unnecessary punishment. I will always stand up for those who are made fun of. My hope is that one day those that I save will raise children, who, like me, will protect those who are teased and torn apart.

Are you killing some one, watching them die, or saving them?

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